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By who the Three Wisemen in the New Testament were (magi), and by what they were doing (following a star),  and by their message to Mary & Joseph, the Three Wisemen had to be astrologers and astronomers.
    -  2,000 years ago, the Middle East was renowned for breakthroughs in math & science.
        -  This included astrology & astronomy.

        -  The old stars have or had Arabic names.

November 29, new Moon at 7:18 am, (EST), will influence us throughout December until December 29 new Moon:
    -  Again, duplicitous meanings:
        -  Secrets will be difficult to keep. / Secrets will be difficult to uncover.
        -  Instability in love relationships. / Ways to maintain and increase commitment.
    -   Emerald green star, Antares, conjuncts the astroid, Juno, and November new Moon:
        -  Favorable for business and the home. / Danger of violence or assassination.
        -  Juno brings possibilities of love relationships.  /  Juno is also jealous.

REALLY GOOD NEWS:  On Saturday, December 24, 2016 at 7:21 pm (EST) through November 11, 2017, order and innovation will begin to rise out of the chaos.
    -Hitch your wagon to a star.
      Saturn trine Uranus
    Much more info at:    http://astrologyking.com/new-moon-november-2016/

I am not along in believing there's a great shift coming, probably before the end of 2016 !

I usually know who the elected U.S. President will be 7 months before the election.
    -  I stick with what the Angels give me, and I'm always right.
    -  This year was very different.
        -  In the spring, Saint Michael came to me and said the election was in God's Hands.
        -  Weeks later, I was shown Bernie Sanders at a time when he could not get enough delegates.
            -  (I woke up on November 9, knowing that Bernie Sanders was meant to the President.) 
        -  About a week before the election, I was shown an elevated Hillary Clinton.
            -  Hillary, like Al Gore did win, they both won the popular vote.
            -  Later, I was told that the election was in God's Hands.

 When Claire Campbell and I worked together during the November 9, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, she received the message that Donald Trump will lead us into the Golden Age.
    -  I received an unexpected confirmation that Claire was right.
    -  I’ve always said that I’ve seen Trump surrounded in Light.
    -  I’ve been publicly right about the Broncos winning the Super Bowl, Cubs winning the World Series, Jimmy Carter’s win, both of Bill Clinton’s wins, both of Barac Obama’s wins, Al Gore and Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, Britain voting to exit the European Common Market, et cetera.
    -  I reluctantly voted for Hillary.
    -  I do NOT know how Donald Trump will lead us into the Golden Age.  On a good note:
        -  Trans-Pacific Trade deal (with all of its secret amendments) is DEAD.
        -  The United States will not start a war with Russia.
            -  People in Crimea are Russian & speak Russian
            -  Until the Soviet Union was broken up, Crimea was a part of Russia for hundreds of years.
            -  When the ECM voted to give Ukraine a seat, they would have land-locked Russia.
                -  Russia was forced to take Crimea back.
                -  Where were all the saber-rattlers when China invaded and colonized Tibet, which has never been a part of China and the people in Tibet do not speak Chinese ? ? ?

-  God’s Will through the colors and light of Crystalline white, gold & purple will get us into the Golden Age.

November 14 full Moon at 8:32 am:
    Sun / Uranus aspect = erratic changes and discord
    Moon / stars = uneasiness & fear of earth changes and doom
    Sun / Asteroid Astraea 
        - Astraea, ancient Libyan goddess, who holds the scales of justice
        -  legend that when Asteroid Astraea returns, she brings the Golden Age with her
        -  Astraea is within one degree of the Sun

While the aspects are difficult and chaotic during the September 1, 2016, new Moon / solar eclipse, we are also offered the option to take the high road.

    -  Stop entertaining negative thoughts!  
         -  Breathe dark thoughts & emotions away.

         -  (Minds filled with dark thoughts cloud and distort intuition, inspiration and life itself.)
    -  A clear mind and cheerful disposition brings good fortune.
        -  (Pay attention, ask questions, have fun, follow through, and show generosity.)
        -  Be kind !

        -  Mercury conjunct Jupiter

On Saturday, December 24 2016, at 7:21 pm (EST) through November 11, 2017, order and innovation will begin to rise out of the chaos.
    -  Hitch your wagon to a star !
    -  Saturn trine Uranus 
On June 3, 2016, I predicted that between June 4 and July 19, something big and unexpected would occur that would help to usher in the Golden Age.
    -  I believe that England's exit from the European Common Market is that event.
    -  Donald Trump's nomination tears the current Republican Party apart.
        -  Both of my parents were Republican.  This is NOT their party.
        -  Austerity (severe) programs:
            -  Drain the middle and lower classes and further enrich the wealthy.
            -  Endanger the most vulnerable members of society, including children ( but not the  children of the rich). 
        -  Forced mandated pregnancies for girls and women regardless of the circumstances is heartless and against the Constitution.
            -  The American Constitution only protects those who have been born.
            -  1 out of 5 AMERICAN CHILDREN suffer from hunger.
            -  Those who would outlaw abortion also vote against free hot-meal school lunch programs.   

11 : 11 has long been believed to be an auspicious time.  
    -  The mystical belief is that 11 : 11 somehow signifies the coming of the Golden Age.

    -  In Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing I wrote:

        -  Each 11 represents twin pillars.
        -  Between the two twin pillars is a doorway.

    -  The June 4, very powerful new Moon is at 11:00 pm EDT.
        -  The great Blue Star, Rigel (as seen above in the constellation Orion) plays a significant role.

    -  The July 19, full Moon is at 11:10 pm EDT.
    -  11 : 11 may well have other connotations & consequences.
    -  I believe that events of great importance will happen between June 4 and July 19.
        -  During this time, occurrences will bring about a turning point.

        -  These affairs allow the prophesies of a Golden Age to proceed and be fulfilled.

Between June 4 and July 19:
    -  Meditate, clear and heal.

    -  free on YouTube: "Clearing & Healing Meditation" - from Italy.
    -  I am a natural born healer & intuitive.  Healing comes through my voice as well as my hands.
    -  The calling in of the energies is what Native Americans refer to as "The Twenty Count".
Photo on 
-  The Power of the Creator - Believe! is by Umberto Rosanelli
    -  The beam of white light coming from the sky & onto the top of my head and into my heart was NOT in the picture frame before he took the photo.

A few of the other Spiritual exercises and information you may find helpful:
-   There is a "Clearing Rhyme" that I wrote & other clearings on the post,  
Light of Enoch
    -  Ramona calls this poem 'white magic'.  
-  There are affirmations on the post,  
SOUL HEALING & THE HOLY SPIRIT , that are effective.
-  Documented, witnessed accounts of real healings by real people are throughout this site.

A Modern Folktale
Many old folktales and fables came from Shamanic journeys into the Otherworlds of Spirit.
    -  Meditating to a rapid, non-varying drumbeat harmonizing the two hemispheres of the brain.
       -  In deep meditation the journeyer sees himself or herself in his or her mind's eye.
       -  The meditator watches events to find the answer to his or her question, which is asked prior to the journey.
    -  Oftentimes, the tasks the hero must overcome are completely unrelated to the goal.
       -  For example, The 12 labors of Hercules.
Other stories relate metaphysical or Spiritual truths.
    -  For example, Sleeping Beauty is a story of reincarnation.
       -  The skeletons the prince encounters on his way to the tower are his own former reincarnations.
       -  Each death gets him closer to his goal, until in his present lifetime, he is finally able to reach the princess.

 Similarly, modern-day healers and Shaman also use his or her mind's eye while doing absentee healing, clearings or participating in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.
    -  Dark forces frequently attack me in a fruitless effort to try to stop Tera Mai and the Wednesday Nights.
During the June 4, new Moon, a demonic entity broke Universal Law by trying to initiate me into something that she called, black fire.  She disguised herself as Mary, mother of Jesus, and refused to go when she was found out.
    -  Usually demons are sexless.  This one had a distorted feminine presence.
       -  The face was hideous.  The limbs were skinny (more often demons are wide and grotesquely 
       -  She was tall.  The joints were gnarled, like a 400-year-old tree.
       -  She stood behind me trying to initiate the right side of my head into black fire.  (I had not asked for this!)
    -  It took the help of Maria Kopsidas and Ramona Kirk on two different day to help me to release it.
       -  Because it was someone's mis-creation, God's Angels turned the black flame into a thing.
       -  The bits and pieces were sent down to the fire.
       -  At the same time, Angels pulled the demon away from me and she went headfirst down to the fire.
       -  Another Angel pulled the symbol she had drawn off of me.
       -  Afterwards, I asked for clearing energies for all of us.

I prayed to The Creator of infinite love and light, "If there are any others like her, who have forced their will upon the innocent, so as you removed her and her evil from me, so too, remove these other demons and the evil they've created.
       -  Ramona and I watched similar dark entities being exorcised and sent headfirst into the fire.
       -  I asked for positive energies to fill the empty spaces and repeated the rhyme on Light of Enoch

We have to make room for prosperity to come into our lives

 We Live in an Abundant Universe
   -  Experiencing this prosperity begins with the thoughts and emotions we ourselves entertain.  

        -  Hatred, resentment, anger, jealousy and prejudice are in the toolboxes of black magicians.
        -  Change the way you think and feel, and you will change your whole life.
        -  You may use the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing and ask God's Angels  for help.
            -  Breathe dark thoughts and emotions away.
            -  Breathe in positive thoughts and emotions.
    -  This works for businesses as well.  
        -  For example, I enjoy shopping at Costco.  
        -  The employees are paid and treated well.
        -  Their attitude significantly helps to create a pleasant atmosphere!

    -  Secondly, clean out the physical mess in your home and working place.
        -  Unrelated problems will leave as well.
        -  Ways will be created for people, who mull over dark thoughts and emotions, to leave.

        -  When they leave, the evil they create with their thoughts and emotions leaves after them.

    -  The presence of love & compassion, integrity & honesty, gratitude & generosity, forgiveness & kindness opens  doors for the abundance of this universe to enter.

Mysterious cross suddenly appeared in the sky of Oldsmar, Florida on June 2, 2016!

Other recent baffling occurrences:
-  Snow in Zimbabwe, Africa at the end of May 2016.
-  Meteor over Phoenix Arizona, June 2, 2016, leaves a weird trail in the sky.
-  Tornado in Manantas, Panama, May 26, 2016
-  Fireball over Rio de Janeiro, end of May 2016  
-  Unprecedented flooding in southern U.S. and northern Europe

<![CDATA[The Power of the Creator - Believe!]]>Thu, 19 May 2016 11:27:13 GMThttp://tera-mai-conversation.com/blog/the-power-of-the-creator-believeIn Spoleto, Italy on May 15, Pentecost Sunday, Umberto Rosanelli asked the Angels to help him create a special picture.  That is, a photo that would help him to understand better and help him to believe.  "When I framed the picture the ray was not visible.  When I looked at the picture that was made, I saw the beam that comes from above and stops in the middle of your body.  Know that a dream has come true and will be the beginning, the beginning of a new journey . . ."

I know that the new beginning is not only for Umberto Rosanelli, Tera Mai and myself.   Earth is starting a new journey.  I explain further underneath the photo.  From left to right:  Loredona Perotta, Elisabetta Pizzi, Kathleen Milner & Maria Paola Scirpo.
The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered between 1946 and 1956 in eleven caves near the ancient settlement at Khirbrt Qumran in the West Bank.  The find includes works found in the Hebrew Bible, and additional Gospels written by the Disciples.   "The Secret Book of John" or "The Apocryphon of John" is one such text.

(Apocryphon:  Secret writings meant to impart secret teachings or gnosis (knowledge) that could not be publicly taught.)

In the text Saint John describes how Jesus came to him after he bled on the cross and rose from the dead.  "The Secret Book of John" relates Jesus' teachings regarding:
     -  The beginning of creation
     -  The self-consciousness of God
     -  The invisible world
     -  The fall of mankind
     -  The hope of salvation by the Grace of The One  
     -  I've added information that I've learned from doing clearings, exorcisms & healings for many years.

Who is God?
The One is complete, Holy and undefiled. The Invisible Spirit is incomprehensible, rules all and exists forever.  God's infinite light, purity, love, perfection, blessedness and divinity are indescribable.  God is light producing light, measureless majesty, life, blessedness, knowledge, generosity and mercy.   Realms exist because of God's goodness.

The Father, conscious of His Image, comes forth from The One.  The Goddess (Barbelo) comes forth from The Father.  Through the emanation of The Goddess comes the invisible, undefiled Spirit.  The foundation of The Spirit is foreknowledge, incorruptibility, eternal life and truth.

When The Father looked into Barbelo, she conceived.  Thought bore a spark of light, The Son, who was anointed by The Spirit in glory, goodness and perfection.  The Son acted through the Word of The Invisible Spirit.  

One way to begin a prayer or meditation is to focus up as far up as you are able to go.   Ask for The Creator of infinite love and light, The Father, The Great Goddess, the emanation of The Goddess, and the invisible, undefiled Spirit.  Then open your heart and feel what happens.

Through the four fundamental powers (Understanding, Grace, Perception and Kindness), four realms were created.  The fourth light of the fourth realm is presided by Eleleth.  Unrepentant, ignorant souls are placed in the fourth realm, given an opportunity to discover their fullness.   Along with Eleleth in the fourth realm are Perfection, Peace and Wisdom.  Sophia, Eleleth's consort, presides over the realm of Wisdom.

Creation of Man
Through the mind and intention of the Holy Spirit, the perfect human, Adamas, appeared.  Adamas was placed in the first realm with the first Angel, Harmozel.  The One gave Adamas invincible power of mind.  Adamas glorified the triple, perfect realm of Father-Mother-Son.

When & how things went wrong
Without the consent and against God's Will, Sophia created an image of herself; a being who would glorify her.  Instead, out of ignorance, her son, Yaldabaoth, a horror came into being.  When Sophia tried to hide him, he stole her light and power. 

The love we send to others or into the world is not us; it is positive energy.  Similarly, the light emanated by The One is energy.  We are all given freewill choice as to how we will use the light within us.  In other words, we are tested.

Yaldabaoth created realms of his own through thoughtlessness and arrogance.  A demon was placed at the head of each realm.  Each demon was paired with qualities of the light (Goodness, Providence, Divinity, Lordship, Kingdom, Zeal and Understanding).  In this way, the realms were neither dark nor light but dim.  These dim realms exist between Earth and the divine realms.  

When demons interfere with my freewill choice and break universal laws, I am able to ask God and God's Angels to remove them from Earth and God's creation.  Even with extraordinary help of Angels, it does take an incredible amount of effort on the part of Ramona Kirk and myself.  Especially so because recently, chief demons (who call themselves dark lords) and their demons (who call themselves dark knights)  are involving themselves more directly.   

Yaldabaoth surveyed his creation and told his demons, "I am a jealous god and there is no god but me!"

One reason why practitioners of the dark arts falsely believe that God is evil is because they do not know to focus beyond Yaldabaoth.

Upon hearing his words, the demons knew that Yaldabaoth had just admitted there was another God.  If there was no other God, who would Yaldabaoth be jealous of ?

When Sophia saw the evil that had been created, she repented.  She could only move back and forth.  The divine realms heard her and took pity.  The Spirit poured the Holy Spirit over her.  She was elevated above her son and placed in the ninth realm until she was restored completely.

A Voice from on high called down to Yaldabaoth, "The Man exists!  And the Son of Man!"

Through the light Yaldabaoth and his demons saw the Image.  The demons took the seven powers (Goodness, Providence, Divinity, Lordship, Kingdom, Zeal and Understanding) and began fashioning a body for man to reflect their own power.

-  God states in the "The Secret Book of John" that those who use the light for dark, demonic purposes or evil will eventually be destroyed by the light.
-  From what I've seen since January 1, 2016, I believe this process has begun.   Dark knights and even dark lords are being removed from the dim kingdoms and/or destroyed by the light.  
-  The true God of love and light has placed a slavery collar around Yaldabaoth's neck.  
-  Fittingly so, because Yaldabaoth has enslaved so many.
-  Yaldabaoth's time is over.  Even he is being removed.

Verses 23 - 29 from the third chapter of the Gospel of Mark:  23  So Jesus called them over to him and began to speak to them in parables: “How can Satan drive out Satan?  24  If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.  25  If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.  26  And if Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand; his end has come.  27  In fact, no one can enter a strong man’s house without first tying him up. Then he can plunder the strong man’s house.   28  Truly I tell you, people can be forgiven all their sins and every slander they utter,  29  but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; they are guilty of an eternal sin.

The four chief demons added dark passions.
     -  From distress arose envy, jealousy, grief, vexation, discord, cruelty, worry and 
     -  From pleasure arose great evil, unmerited pride, et cetera.
     -  From desire arose anger, fury, bitterness, outrage, dissatisfaction, et cetera.
     -  From fear arose horror, flattery, suffering and shame.

The completed body lay inanimate for a long time.  Sophia asked The Mother-Father of everything for help.  Yaldabaoth was tricked into blowing his spirit (the light he had stollen from his mother, Sophia) into the body.  The body shown with light.  After realizing he'd been tricked, Yaldabaoth and jealous demons cast Adam into the lowest depths of the material world.

-  In the material world, Yaldabaoth and his demons made mis-creations of the elemental and nature spirits through practitioners of the dark arts.  
-  Mis-created elementals hang out close to the ground, causing pain, suffering and misfortune.
-  After my horse foundered, Ramona and I saw one of these evil doers circling around Mel's front feet, which was causing the bone inside his hoof to turn (according to the X-rays, the rotation was only 5 degrees).  When the dark elemental was removed, the elementals of the light turned the bones back to their correct position.

The Mother-Father took compassion on Adam.  A good Spirit was sent to Adam as a helper.  Adam called her Life.  She was hidden within him and restored Adam to fullness.  She taught him how he and his people had descended, and how to ascend.  His mental abilities increased.

The demons consorted to bring Adam into the shadow of death.  They bound him in a new body and made him subject to death.  Yaldabaoth made Adam's mind dull so that he could not see or understand.  A portion of the light was removed from Adam and made into the form of a woman.  The veil was lifted and Adam recognized his own counterpart.

Enza Maria Ciccolo, an Italian scientist, has done research that suggests that at one time, our DNA was more advanced.  She has also scientifically studied the waters at each of the places where Mary appeared.  (Since 1981, Mary, Queen of Peace, appears everyday at 6:00 pm in Medjugorje.)

Yaldabaoth raped Eve.  From this union two sons were born with new bodies.  One son was good, the other was evil.  They rule over the tomb.

Jesus states in the New Testament that he has come to defeat death.

Adam had intercourse with Eve.  From their union a son, Seth, was born.  The Spirit can raise up the children of Seth and heal them from all defects.  Thus, restoring holiness in the light of God. 

The Spirit descends to all so that they might be transformed and saved.  By the power of the Spirit the soul strengthens.  It flees from wickedness because it has more power than the artificial spirit.   With the help of the Incorruptible One the soul is saved, is released from the cycle of reincarnation and achieves eternal life.

The artificial spirit is strong in those who do not grow in the Spirit.   When they die they are bound to the cycle and reincarnate again.  This occurs time and time again until the individual recognizing the Spirit.

Those who achieve true knowledge and turn away from it are damed.

The Old Testament states that sins against the Holy Spirit are unforgivable. 

Jesus bled and died to take way the sin Yaldabaoth and the demons imposed on mankind.
Our personal sins are our responsibility to correct and learn from!  We are accountable!   We are asked to work against the evils of poverty, chaos and those who would bind us.

-  During the week I was in Italy, the photo above is only one of many miracles that occurred.
-   I used the Ancient Art of Hands-On Healing with ten people in private sessions.
     -  Three of the ten were completely released and healed of their ailments, and the root cause.
     -  Seven made significant progress.  They will more than likely come to Elisabetta Pizzi for further sessions.

-  The initiation into the Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames occurred on Saturday, May 14.
     -  A little after two o'clock in the morning (Pentecost Sunday) Loredana Perotta and I both woke up on fire.  
     -  The heat in neither of our rooms had been turned up.
     -  I believe that The Fire of the Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames increased.

-  Something out-of-the-ordinary occurred during the one-day Shamanic class on May 15.
     -  Elisabetta opened the heavy door about 12 inches so that the elementals of light might enter.
     -  When I asked them to enter, one of them asked if they might have some Emerald Light to use.
     -  When I answered, "Yes!", the heavy door opened 4 inches further.  
          -  The door was a good 6 feet away from the nearest person.
          -  There was no breeze, and the door had never done that before.

-  The initiation into the Emerald Light (the alchemy of Moses) was given during the Shamanic class.
     -  Everyone in the group had significant experiences.
     -  The Angels placed an Emerald Gem Stone deep into the Earth.
     -  Emerald Light has the ability to rebuild and renew.
     -  See this firsthand for yourself during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.
       -  Wherever you happen to be and the hour is eight o'clock in the evening:
       -  Ask God's Angels, "Plese connect me to the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings."
       -  If 8:00 pm does not work out for you, ask God's Angels,
​       -  "Please connect me to wherever the hour is 8:00 pm and to the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings.

​           -  Then ask God's Angels to show you the Emerald Gem Stone and what it is doing.
           -  Those who are pure of heart and those who've been initiated into the Emerald Light will have elevated experiences.

-  After I returned, during the May 18, Wednesday Night Clearing, God's Angels cleared away the darkness surrounding the Emerald Gem Stone.
     -  The darkness was blocking the Emerald Gem Stone from healing the Earth.
     -  The evil was put into place by demons and mis-created, dark elementals.
     -  After the blockages were removed, the Emerald Gem Stone was surrounded in light, and it grew in size.  

People are returning to Tera Mai just as the healing energies of Tera Mai are increasing dramatically.

<![CDATA[Light of Enoch]]>Mon, 28 Mar 2016 12:08:33 GMThttp://tera-mai-conversation.com/blog/light-of-enochPicture
Much darkness has been cleared from Earth.  The last to go is the heaviest.  I've written the rhyme below and empowered it for you to use to expel darkness and bring the Light.  by Kathleen Milner

        CLEARING RHYME -  a taste of White Magic  
  Angels of God, I call you now!
     All blockages I disallow.
  Dark webbing, evil will construe,
     Unbind, unwind, untwist, undo,
  Unweave, annul this dreadful deed.
     For it's God's Will He has decreed.

  Angels of God, please hear me now!
     Darkness of lies I disavow.                                         
                                                Ether move the demons out,
                                                   All who hear there is no doubt.
                                                Down to fire or back to source,
                                                   Your dark magic's lost its force.

                                                Love and Light fill the empty space,
                                                  God's Prosperity I embrace.
                                                Making our Earth a better place,
                                                   Through generosity and grace.
                                                Gratitude and integrity ,
                                                   Angelic gold brings ecstasy.
                                                 I call Earth to bind my spell.
                                                   Air will speed its travel well.
                                                Bright as Fire shall it glow.
                                                   Deep as Water's tide shall flow.
                                                Count the Elements fourfold,
                                                   For in the fifth my spell shall hold.

End of the age of darkness.
-  Just as trains do not pull into or leave Union Station at full speed, neither will the Golden Age Manifest overnight.
-  Energy of Earth rises as God's Angels clear darkness out of God's creation.
-  By repeating positive affirmations, meditating and/or praying each day; and participating in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing we are able to help Earth and ourselves.
-  Follow up prayers and other spiritual work by silencing the mind and opening the heart.
   -  Rather than making demands at this time, patiently await God's Plan.
   -  Find your own particular Gifts and path of life.

Centering Prayer - a prayer of silence

Open your heart to God and breathe away thoughts.  
   -  You will build your own connection to God that is within you.
   -  In a short time, you will feel the Heart Chakra that is behind the sternum (breast bone).
As you continue each day, you will feel & develop the energy channel connecting your Heart Chakra to your Solar Plexus.
   -  Heart & gut feelings come through these channels to help us.
   -  Ignoring our own heart & gut feelings causes this connection to God to close.
   -  God is not found in our rambling, chattering minds.
      -  However, silence allows creative thoughts to come to us from The Creative Source.
FOR EXAMPLE:  Ask for The Truth and then wait in silence for the answer.
​   -  Answers may also be found in the world around us, if we pay attention.

-  Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, from his deathbed in 2007, revealed that the Messiah is Yeshua (Hebrew name for Jesus), and that Jesus will return shortly after Ariel Sharon passes.   http://roadturn.com/rabbi-kaduri-ariel-sharon-and-jesus-yeshua-2/      
-  All of the prophecies regarding signs by which we will know that the Golden Age is at hand have been fulfilled.

On the Thursday of Easter week, the vibrational energies of Earth went up considerably.  
    -  This means that it is easier for those of the Light to keep clear.
    -  It's also becomes easier to discern Truth from fraud.
    -  Thursday set the stage - from dawn to dusk on Easter Sunday, the energies were special.

-  At the time the sun was low in  the western skies of the United States on Easter Sunday, God and the Angels of God opened a door to the past; a time when the Light of Enoch was both pure and powerful.  

-  As Ramona Kirk and God's Angels guarded the opening on spiritual levels, the pure and powerful energies of the Light of Enoch flowed to me and through me.  All darkness and defilement through the ages was cast away.

-  As the original energies of the Light of Enoch came to me, I prayed for incorruptibility.

-  I asked that the Light of Enoch be surrounded and protected by Blue Flames from The Holy Spirit. I was told that God would no longer allow desecration or corruption through the Light.

-  I asked for Truth, and the weight of Truth cleared the Enochian Magic initiations that I give through my Tera-Mai Shamanic classes in less than a minute.

If you have received any of the Enochian Magic initiations that I give in my Tera-Mai Shamanic classes, try the following:
    -  Call upon the Light of Enoch.
    -  Feel the Light wash through you, and clear you.
    -  Meditate by focusing behind your eyes until you see yourself clearly.
    -  Ask God's Angels and the forces of nature to help you towards the fulfillment of one of your prayers.
    -  On other journeys you might ask what else you may do with the energies of the Light of Enoch.
    -  Each level of Enochian Magic increases the Light of Enoch and its capabilities.
    -  God's Angels and the Light will respond to any untoward requests by vanishing.

    -  The initiations into Enochian Magic work with all of the Tera-Mai initiations.

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE to clear away other people's stuff:
    -  Stand up.
    -  I place the palm of my left hand on my tail bone (fingers pointed downwards0)
    -  I place the palm of my right hand about 12 inches above my head.
    -  I visualize golden light coming into me and washing through me.
    -  I continue the visualization as I move my right hand down until it touches the top of my head.

    -  I reverse hands.
    -  My right hand is on my tail bone.
    -  My left hand is 12 inches above my head.
    -  I repeat the same exercise.

    -  I repeat the entire exercise two more times.

RELEASING & FORGIVING OTHERS  This affirmation frees us from negative cycles
    I bring you forth from the dark,
        And hold you to The Light.
    Let not your past control my present.
        Let not my future be as dark as night.
    I meet and greet you with open arms,

        And move you back into The Light.

I asked Ramona Kirk to do this for me.  She saw the Angels writing a new future for me.

HAVE ISSUES WITH YOUR MOTHER OR FATHER?  This affirmation frees both of you.

This particular example is directed to mother:
    I accept you as my mother.
    I love you!
    I return to you everything that belongs to you.

REMOVE WHITE MAGIC THAT'S BEEN USED for dark, demonic purposes    

-  The adage that Reiki energies can only be used for good is false!
    -  Many of you, myself and others have Gifts of The Spirit that we were born with.
    -  In the past seventy years, many people have been initiated into Reiki.
    -  God gives each and everyone of us the Divine Gift of Freewill Choice.
    -  Thus, it falls upon us to make choices - Good or evil?
    -  God's Angels NEVER force anything upon us.

    -  If falls upon us to be specific with our requests & prayers.
-  AFFIRMATION:  "God, Goddess and Angels of God!  Please remove all white magic that's been used for dark, demonic purposes from me and from this world."
-  Click on & read the post, 
Light of Enoch

NURAH is healing & magic from The Goddess
-  There is NO initiation.
-  Nurah comes automatically to Tera-Mai initiates who abide by Buddha's Tera Mai standards , and do their best to live their lives with honesty, gratitude, compassion & integrity.
-  Meditate & feel the Love embracing you.
    -  When the marrow in your bones turns ice cold, you have Nurah.
-  My body turns freezing cold when Nurah challis through me during healing sessions.
    -  The healee, more often than not, is cold as well.
    -  I receive back what I give to others.

"God, if I am on my right path, please clear away the blockages.  If I am on the wrong path, please get me onto my right path and clear all blockages."

-  If we release someone, they have the opportunity to come back to us on better terms.
-  "God, please disconnect me from everyone who is a member of my actual family."

-  Emerald Light was given to me.  I was told that I could ask that it go anywhere.  I asked that it go into the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave.  It's there for those of pure heart to use.
-  Click on & read the post, Alchemy 

How blockages or clarity within the Energy Channels influences AGING / ANTI-AGING
-  Everything is energy.
-  Energy moves.
-  Energy flows through channels.
    -  Channels connect us to gifts  that we were supposed to bring into our current lifetime.
    -  Channels connect us to other lifetimes.
    -  Channels connect us to Heaven and to Earth.
    -  Energy channels & energy wheels run within our body.

Because our energy channels are blocked, our DNA breaks down.
    -  Our DNA is NOT supposed to crumble apart.
        -  We're NOT supposed to live forever.
        -  However, we are supposed to have healthy, youthful bodies while we are on Earth in physical form.

    -  Channels from Heaven & Earth continue through our spiritual body, which is within our physical body.
        -  The central energy channel connects to 7 major energy spirals or wheels (Chakras).
            -  Major Chakras each connect to specific vital organs.
        -  The 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra is at the top of out head.
        -  The 6th Chakra is at the back of the head and forehead (Third Eye).
        -  The 5th Chakra is at the Throat and the back of the neck.
        -  The 4th Chakra consists of the front & back Heart Chakras.
        -  The 3rd Chakra is at the Solar Plexus, and on the spine, directly opposite the Solar Plexus.
        -  The 2nd or Creative Chakra is at the belly, and directly opposite on the spine.
        -  The 1st or Root Chakra is at the base of the tail bone.

        -  There are additional Chakras or energy wheels.
            -  Roughly 12 inches above our head is the Soul Star Chakra.
                -  One manmade initiation at the Soul Star shuts down all other Chakras.
            -  Roughly 12 inches below our feet, this Chakra connects us to the Earth.
            -  There are additional Chakras at our joints.
    -  Blocked energy channels can and do cause issues that increase over time; such as, aging.

-  Work with God's Angels and use any appropriate healing and clearing technique.

-  There are many clearing & healing techniques on my websites & in my books
-  After the April 6, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing
    -  I felt something come out of my left hip. I'm now walking normally & without pain.
    -  Like so many others, the clearing & healing process continues.

AFFIRMATION so that what belongs to you is returned
"Angels of God, please bring back to me all of the Gifts and abilities I brought with me into this lifetime.
"Angels of God, please bring back to me all of the Gifts and abilities I have been in this lifetime.

"Angels of God, please give me all of the Gifts and abilities I require to live my life and do my work with skill & love."

-  At eight o'clock on any Wednesday night, wherever you happen to be, call upon the Angels of God:
    -   "Please connect me to the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings."
    -  Then ask that your channels be cleared.  
        -  Meditate, pray or send healing symbols to God's Angels and ask for their help.
    -  Then ask that Earth's channels to Heaven be cleared.
    -  Continue with any other requests that you would like to make.

-  If 8:00 pm does not work for you on Wednesday night:  
    -  At the top of any hour on Wednesday.
    -  Call upon the Angels of God:
    -  "Please connect me to wherever the hour is 8:00 pm on Earth and the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings."
    -  et cetera

-  Because the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing has been ongoing since August 2008, millions of people and God's Angels have helped to create a positive healing wave that circles the Earth at all times.
-  On other days of the week:
    -  Call upon the Angels of God:
    -  "Please connect me to the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and to the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings."
    -  et cetera

-  White Flames burn darkness & mis-creations to the ground.
-  Golden Flames release pain and trauma, and the memory of pain & trauma.
-  If you've been initiated into the Tera-Mai Violet Flame initiation and abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards , you will be able to connect to and channel the Tera-Mai White & Golden Flames.

-  Simple instructions that you may do for yourself are found on the blog page of www.tera-mai-conversation.com on the post, Angelic Codes & Blue Star
    -  If you need help visualizing a Golden Harth, one maybe found on the post, Tera-Mai Holy Flames
-  Or listen to the last interview that I gave to Carmen Tracy, the Reiki Answer Lady, on November 16.
    -  It's entitle Tera Mai Holy Flames with Kathleen Milner
    -  Follow along as I guide Carmen through the initiation procedure.
        -  Be aware that there is a short period of silence.
        -  Links to radio interviews are on the home page of www.tera-mai-conversation.com 

USING WHITE, VIOLET & GOLDEN FLAMES to clear energy channels
    -  Ask God's Angels to run White and Violet Flames through your energy channels & Chakras.
    -  The gunk causes the energy channels to be sore and corroded.
    -  When the gunk is gone,  ask God's Angels to run Golden Flames through your energy channels & Chakras.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus' greatest condemnation was reserved for false prophets and those who say they can heal but can't.  The Old Testament emphatically states there are great consequences for violation of The Holy Spirit.  This includes misuse of the Seven Holy Flames and the 
spiritual manifestation of The Holy Spirit, which is seen in Shamanic Journeys as Dragons.

-  There are for additional Flames.
    -  Blue Flames protect, clear & heal
    -  Green Flames bring healing, new growth & prosperity.
    -  Pink Flames bring love, compassion, mercy forgiveness, gratitude & generosity 
    -  Red Flames bring strength & power to ground and bring God's Passion for Justice.

-  Initiations into the Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames is $250
    -  Pre-requisites are Golden Tera-Mai Reiki One and Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem One.
    -  Descriptions and chants for each Flame are on the post, 
Tera-Mai Holy Flames

USING WHITE, BLUE, VIOLET & GOLDEN FLAMES to clear energy channels
    -  Ask God's Angels to run White, Blue and Violet Flames through your energy channels & Chakras.
    -  The gunk causes the energy channels to be sore and corroded.
    -  When the gunk is gone,  ask God's Angels to run Golden Flames through your energy channels & Chakras.

UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES of clearing Earth's channels
-  Many souls of those who've been murdered follow their killer(s) & others responsible for his or her death.
-  When the channels were opened, these particular souls now have greater access to their killer(s).
-  We saw the soul of a murdered woman screaming into the head of her killer.
    -  The killer hears the screaming inside her head, causing headaches and madness.
    -  According to Universal Law, the victim has every right to demand retribution.
    -  Slavery or murder are ultimate betrayals of someone else's freewill.  
    -  Thus, there are Universal consequences for such atrocious deeds.

What even God's Angels are not able to clear using the above process:
    -  Manmade, black and demonic initiations are cleared in person by a healer who is channeling Universal Healing Energies.
    -  Black, demonic and inappropriate contracts, vows and agreements are cleared in person by a healer who is channeling Universal Healing Energies.

The source of cancer, pollution, political corruption and major ills on Earth is the same dark source.
When the source of any of these issues is cleared away, the source of many other dark issues on Earth will also leave.

AFFIRMATION to remove the source of evil
“Angels of God, please remove the source of cancer, pollution and political corruption from Your Creation.”

-  This source negatively impacts each and every one of us.  The above affirmation was put into the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.  This request rides the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave along with the other positive energies and requests that have been made every Wednesday for almost 8 years.

AFFIRMATION to clear away low-vibrational energies
-  The Angels of God respect our Divine Gift of Freewill Choice.  They will not impose their agenda onto us.
-  Therefore, it is important that we be specific with our requests and prayers.
"Saint Michael the Archangel, I invite you to come in and intervene on my behalf.  Please vacuum away all low-vibrational energies."
"God’s 7 Archangels, I invite you to come in and intervene on my behalf.  Please vacuum away all low-vibrational energies."

AFFIRMATION to clear away low-vibrational energies
"I call upon God's Angels to remove all black, demonic and inappropriate contracts, vows and agreements that have been imposed upon me."
-  Unexpected reversals! 
-  Truth becomes clearer & easier to see! 
-  Intensification of who you are!   (This is true for everyone.)
-  All debts are paid one way or another.
-  Initially, you may find your feet solidly on the ground, but there are changes in your legs.
            -  Our legs & hips represent our foundation.
            -  Because Earth is changing, our bodies make adjustments to keep up.

What you can do:
-  Pray & meditate!
-  Pay attention to your gut feelings, your heart and your own realistic, unusual dreams!

-  Be kind.
-  Strive for balance    

Protection Prayer (I do not know who wrote it)
    -  Repeat this before and after doing clearing & healing work.

I ask Divine Light Forces (Forces of God) for _______________
    -  Protection against all that is not of The Light (alive and dead).
Then focus on a particular concern:

    -  Healing on all levels.
    -  Guidance with my life in the area of
        -  Knowing what I should be doing spiritually.
        -  Help with becoming a channel for love, light healing and inspiration.
        -  Preparing for meetings, seminars, interviews, classes, or et cetera.
    -  Divine Love, Light and Healing to go to _________________
        -  People we know / live with / work with and all who are working against my spiritual progression.

Additional affirmations and exercises anyone may do are found on the following post, SOUL HEALING & THE HOLY SPIRIT 
, and throughout this site.

Most of the new clearings, which any healer who is channeling pure Universal healing energies may do, are found on the post,  
God's Telephone Number 

Harsh consequences when Heavenly and/or Earth's healing energies are misused.
-  In the past, when too many people involved with a particular energy or healing system misuse those energies or alter the initiation, that system becomes corrupted.
    -  Pure energies are removed from individuals. . .  
    -  Or the entire system is removed from the group.  For example, because of misuse . . .
    -  The energy of the  Order of Melchizedek was removed from the Jews.
        -  The initiation may be given but there is no energy transfer.
        -  The initiation was passed onto the Christians.
    -  The energy of the Order of Melchizedek was taken from the Christians.
        -  The initiation may be given but there is no energy transfer.
        -  The initiation was passed onto the Mormons.
    -  The energy of the Order of Melchizedek was taken from the Mormons.
        -  The initiation may be given but there is no energy transfer.
        -  Only those  born with the energies & possibilities of The Order of Melchizedek are able to use it.

-  I was fortunate enough to meet an individual , who'd been initiated by a member of the clergy, who knew the original initiation and had been born with the energy of The Order of Melchizedek.
    -  The initiation into The Order of Melchizedek, as demonstrated on the Tera-Mai Reiki Mastership DVD is the original that Jesus passed onto his disciples.  
    -  The New Testament states that Jesus gave the initiation into The Order of Melchizedek to a priest.

-  Jews foresaw the coming of the Messiah in the original Old Testament as a man, who was a great leader.
-  Jesus NEVER said he was God or the Only Son of God.
-  In 325 AD, at the Council of Nicaea, it is RECORDED:
        - By ONE vote, the Romans decreed that Jesus was the only son of God.
-  According to the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jesus and his parents were Jews of the Essenes sect,
-  In mystical astrology Jesus is the Great Avatar of the Piscean Age.
-  The Second Coming of Jesus (or Yeshua) is at hand.
Information and chants for each Flame are on the post, Tera-Mai Holy Flames.

Dear Kathleen,  
I need the pre-requisites, Golden Tera-Mai Reiki and Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem, so that I may receive the Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames.
I don’t want to receive all the initiations together, so I was thinking the take Golden Reiki by phone right after Easter Holidays, and then Akasha Seichem maybe in May.
What do you think, it’s ok for you?

Hi L!
The initiate receives Golden Tera-Mai Reiki One.  Shortly thereafter, the initiate receives Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem One.

This is because the Earth healing energy in  Golden Tera-Mai Reiki must be balanced by the other elements of air, water, fire and ether, which are found in Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem.

The healing energies of both initiations increase for 21 days, because the Golden Tera-Mai Reiki One initiation weaves into the Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem One initiation.  The Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem One initiation weaves back into the Golden Tera-Mai Reiki One initiation.  This continues back and forth.

Tera-Mai Reiki One initiation has always been about self-healing.  It is up to the initiate as to whether he or she will address the issues that come up.

When these initiations are integrated, Golden Tera-Mai Reiki Two and Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem Two initiations come into the initiate.  The same weaving process continues for another 21-days.

I give re-initiations on a donations-are-accepted basis


April is the month of Angels
In 2016, Earth is under the influence of Saturn trine Uranus.
   -  Find success where others have failed.
   -  Seeing beyond the perimeters.  Quick insight.

April 7, new Moon at 7:24 am EDT
   -  Listen to gut feelings and follow your own inner guidance.
   -  Strive for balance
 and systematic change.

<![CDATA[SOUL HEALING & THE HOLY SPIRIT]]>Sun, 07 Feb 2016 14:00:10 GMThttp://tera-mai-conversation.com/blog/soul-healing-the-holy-spiritPicture
Knowing not where our pain or emptiness comes from is an indication of a wounded or traumatized "spirit".

Fire from The Holy "Spirit" is able to heal the soul.
-  When the soul is healed the body heals.
-  SOUL HEALING is a major Universal Agenda for the next 7 months.
-  Scroll down to read about the Tera-Mai 7 Holy Flames are able to clear & heal.
-  How to clear away the source of cancer, pollution & political corruption.
-  How to bring back to you gifts that were lost.
-  Why dramatic changes are happening at this time.
-  By Easter we will see more noticeable changes.

Becoming a Shaman:  It's Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been

The source of cancer, pollution, political corruption and all of the major ills on Earth is the same source.

    -  This source negatively impacts each and every one of us!
    -  We have the ability to join together and ask God and God's Angels that this source be removed.
    -  The Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing has been ongoing since August 2008. 
    -  Because millions of people have and do participate, a powerful wave of prayer circles Earth.

On Wednesday Night at 8:00 pm wherever you happen to be, pray in the following manner:
    -  Angels of God, please connect me to the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings.  God, may you and your Angels please remove the source of cancer, pollution and political corruption from Your Creation.
    -  Be SILENT !

And/or at the top of any hour on Wednesday, pray in the following manner:
    -  Angels of God, please connect me to wherever the hour is 8:00 pm on Earth and the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings.  God, may you and your Angels please remove the source of cancer, pollution and political corruption from Your Creation.

    -  Be SILENT !

On the other days of the week, pray in the following manner:
    -  Angels of God, please connect me to the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings.  God, may you and your Angels please remove the source of cancer, pollution, political corruption, and all of the major ill from Your Creation.

    -  Be SILENT !

AFFIRMATIONS that clear, heal and replenish the soul:
God's Angels, Please connect me to the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings.

    St. Michael the Archangel, I invite you  to come in and intervene on my  behalf .
        Please vacuum away all low-vibrational energies.
    God's 7 Archangels, I invite you  to come in and intervene on my  behalf .
        Please vacuum away all low-vibrational energies.

    Heavenly Father! Heavenly Mother! Holy Spirit! 
    Please return to me all of the gifts I brought with me into this life.
    Please return to me all of the gifts and blessings that were given to me throughout my life.
    Please give me all that I require to live the life I am meant to live.
    Then be SILENT !

I repeated this three times for each individual who has harmed me.
It offers an opportunity for these individuals, and it releases me from them.

    I direct this prayer to _________  
    I bring you forth  from the dark, 
       and hold you to The Light. 
    Let not your past, control my present. 
       Let not my future be as dark as night. 
    I meet and greet you with open arms,  
       and move you back into The Light. 


If you have issues with your father, mother or another relative, repeat the affirmation below.
This particular example is directed to mother.
I accept you as my mother.
I love you!
I return to you everything that belongs to you.

Cosmic energies from the perfect geometries formed by planets & stars:

Karma (good & bad) shot, like an arrow from the crossbow, during February 22, full Moon (1:20 pm EST). 
    -  Manifesting power from this never-before-seen geometry in the heavens brings about completions.  
    -  Karma drives home in an assortment of  ways and means for the upcoming 6 months.
    -  Our Sun joins the Star Fomalhaut (a royal Archangel star, and  one of four Guardians of Heaven).

March 8, new Moon / solar eclipse (8:54 pm EST) offered healing for the soul.

March 23, full Moon / lunar eclipse (8:01 am EST) brings both commonsense and possible romance.
    -  Corrupted monied interests setup for a fall.
    -  Commonsense is more prevalent. 
    -  Passion and urgency for new ideas and new projects.

Copy and paste this into the top bar of your computer screen to read more about the full & new Moons:  http://astrologyking.com/moons/

The Flames of Fire from the Holy Spirit heal the soul !
The majority of Tera-Mai healers have been initiated into the Violet Flame, which comes from The Holy Spirit

    -  If you were initiated into the Violet Flame of transformation through Tera Mai:
        -  You are able to connect to the White Flame of The Holy Spirit.
            - Click here and follow simple instructions:  Angelic Codes & Blue Star   
            - White Flames burn darkness to the ground and are able to go through time lines.

-  If you are connected to the White Flame:
        -  You are able to connect to the Golden Flame of The Holy Spirit.
            -  Click here and follow simple instructions:   Tera-Mai Holy Flames
            - Golden Flames burn away pain & trauma, and the memory of pain & trauma.

    - If you've been initiated into Golden Tera-Mai Reiki One & Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem One:
        -  You may be initiated into The Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames.
        -  Violet, White, Golden, Blue, Green, Pink & Red Flames
            What the Blue, Green, Pink & Red Flames burn away and what is accomplished:

            -  Blue Flames are God's protection. Blue Flames also clear & heal.
            -  Green Flames heal & open doors to prosperity. (Abundance is not just money!)
            -  Pink Flames heal the heart & open the Heart Chakra 
                -  Heart Chakra is where the kingdom of heaven is found within.

            -  Red Flames provide energy for manifestation & grounding.

What the initiation into the Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames accomplishes:

     -  The Flames form a Diamond in the heart during the initiation.
     -  The Diamond moves into the initiate's energy field afterwards.
     -  The Diamond returns to the heart when healings are given.

     -  More often than not, the clearing and healing energy is intensely cold.
     -  Cold clearing and healing energy emanates from my fingers, palms and wrists.
     -  When I do the contractions that Yogis do and breathe blue into my kidneys:
        -  Blue Flames, or White Flames with Blue Flames behind it come into my kidneys.
        -  When I exhale the Flames that the healee requires go to the healee through my breath.
        -  Massive clearings and healings and of the soul occur in a relatively short time.
           -  Healee feels or sees darkness in some form leaving, and/or feels lighter.
           -  Mental and emotional healing occurs before physical healing.
     -  Practicing the contractions and breathing Holy Flames into and out of my kidneys:
        -  My healing and psychic abilities noticeably increase afterwards. 

I prayed for the soul of Marsha Durok to be healed through The Holy Flames of The Holy Spirit.
     -  First through absentee healing:
        -  I asked that the Blue Flame go to Marsha Durok in Scotland
​        -  She had a migraine headache.
           -  She placed her left hand on her head and her right hand over her left hand.
           -  For a minute, the pain increased.
           -  Then the pain went away and stayed away.
     -  Over the phone I did a healing for Marsha before initiating her.
        -  Marsha felt and saw something dark, massive and heavy leave her.
     -  Over the phone I helped her to connect to the White and the the Gold Flames.
     -  Over the phone I initiated her into the Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames.
        -  Marsha felt and saw everything that I described above.
        -  I helped her with self-healing.
        -  We sent healing to the Earth.

I worked with Marsha on February 9.  On February 11, Marsha's husband, David Durok, sent me the following email:
Good evening Kathleen 
She is quite teary today but she is calmness personified lol.  She feels that her throat chakra has been stretched to a bigger size which can only be good.  She looks as good as I have seen her in a few years to be honest.  She seems altogether more solid, looks more positive and everything about her is  definitely quieter.   I sometimes feel there is a blowing wind around her (if that makes sense). Thanks again, Kathleen.
David Durok

 Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames work with all Tera-Mai initiations & Nurah.

        -  Nurah is healing and magic from The Goddess.
            -  Nurah automatically comes to properly attuned Tera-Mai initiates who are:

               -  Abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards 
               -  and living their lives with honesty, integrity & a loving heart.
        -  When Holy Flames pass through NURAH, energy waves (like ocean waves) are created.
Holy Water - Energy Waves

Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames Initiation is $250 and offered by Kathleen Milner.
-  Before the initiation, I do the clearings described on this site.
-  Re-initiations into Golden Tera-Mai Reiki & Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem are given by donation.

Kathleen Milner

Examples from the second week of February:  
How the Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames have increased my psychic abilities:

FOR EXAMPLE:   3 hours before the Superbowl game, I received an image of Peyton Manning and the Broncos and knew that the Broncos would win.  I had NOT asked who was going to win the Superbowl.   I was NOT invested in either team winning.   I was NOT even thinking about the game.  
     -  Interestingly, the Broncos were not wearing their orange jerseys in the vision.
        -  During the game, the Broncos wore their white jerseys with the blue and orange trim.
     -  It doesn't count unless you tell someone, so, I told 4 people before the game started that the Broncos were going to win.  
​     -  Afterwards, I discovered that Las Vegas odds makers thought the Panthers would win.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE:   Before the Iowa caucus Ramona Kirk and I called upon The Holy Flames to clear and bring truth to the election process.  We also asked that God's Will be done - we did not focus on any candidate. 

As the Holy Flames went to Iowa, in my mind's eye I saw the photo of Jeb Bush that he uses in his campaign.  The photo became visible to my physical eyes.  Then the photo turned dark, dropped and fell through the floor.  In exactly the same minute, Ramona had an even more dire image of Jeb Bush.   The following day, Jeb Bush only received 1% of the vote even though his super pacs  spent over $100 million on advertising in Iowa, New Hampshire and elsewhere criticizing other candidates.

Since I can remember, I've always known who would be elected by popular vote to the Presidency of the United States.  Even as a very young child, I liked Stevenson but knew that Eisenhower would win.  
 Because I've publicly been repeatedly right, lately, people ask me, "Who will the next president be?"

For the first time, I do NOT know!  God's Angels have only told me that God is intervening in the election.  God's Angels said that He was intervening in part to prevent World War III.   What I do know is that after the vision I saw of Jeb Bush, the next president will NOT be him.

If you've been initiated through Tera Mai into the Violet Flame,  and have connected to the White Flame and Golden Flame, this affirmation is especially effective:
You are light!
   I am light!
All Earth will be light!
   For we will bring light to every darkness,

Light to every mis-creation.

The doors by which black magicians, voodoo practitioners and demons have been using to steal gifts and leave their baggage and ill-intentions behind are closing ! ! ! 
    -  Scavengers, is the name that God's Angels call such practitioners of this evil!
    -  In India this form of black magic has been commonly practiced.
    -  In India it is commonly acceptable to steal another's good energy.
    -  Some Indians think they avoid Karma by paying a man in orange robes to send out curses.
        -  They are very, very wrong ! ! !  All indurate parties are culpable.
    -  I have friends who are East Indian, and they acknowledge that this is a major problem in India.
    -  This particular form of the dark arts is practiced throughout the Middle East and in many other places around the world.
    -  You would be surprised to know who these practitioners of the darks arts are!
    -  You don't believe me?  Books on how to do black magic and voodoo are popular sellers in bookstores and on line.
    -  At this time, practitioners of the dark arts also have black magic that's been sent to them dripping off of them.

<![CDATA[Holy Water - Energy Waves]]>Mon, 18 Jan 2016 19:07:45 GMThttp://tera-mai-conversation.com/blog/questions-answersPicture
Rivers of Light at God's Own Feet
   Wash away all lies and deceit.  

"When this boy, Jesus, was five years old, he was playing at the ford of a rushing stream. He was collecting the flowing water into ponds and made the water instantly pure. He did this with a single command." 
Infancy Gospel of Thomas 1:1-2

   -  The Power of God comes through the Holy Spirit.
   -  God's Power is manifested in part through the Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames.
   -  Nurah is the manifestation of the power of The Goddess in our universe.

When The Power of God (Tera-Mai Seven Holy Flames) manifests through the energies of The Goddess (Nurah), the energy becomes Holy Water.  
   -  This is the water that some priests use to burn away demons.  

Nurah (healing & magic from The Heart of The Goddess)   is a gift to all properly attuned Tera-Mai initiates who are doing their best to live with honesty, integrity, gratitude, generosity & compassion; and are abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards
   -  Nurah is experienced as cold emanating outwards from the marrow of the healer's bones.
   -  Cold increases when Nurah is combined with the Holy Flames from The Holy Spirit.
   -  This cold is similar to the Spiritual Gift of clairsentience:
      -   Affirmation of Truth when after someone speaks it feels like ice water runs though your veins.
      - ( Another affirmation of Truth occurs when the hair on your arms stands on end after someone speaks.)

When Nurah and the Tera-Mai 7 Holy Flames combine,  both the healer & healee may feel like they are at the bottom of a very cold ocean.
   -  Energy of The Flames is more often cold than hot, even without Nurah.
   -  The Holy Spirit's ability to heal the soul may be called upon through The Flames.
      -  Click on and read:  

For those who've been initiated into Golden Tera-Mai Reiki One, Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem One and the Violet Flame initiation given through Tera Mai:
This affirmation may be repeated anytime to raise the vibration.
To connect to the White Flame, repeat the following:

   I have pure heart intentions for the energies of the White Flame.
      You are Light, I am Light, ​
         All Earth will be Light.
      For we will bring Light to every darkness.
         Light to every mis-creation.

You might ask God's Angels, "Please bring the White Flame into the Violet Flame so that . . . . ."
      -  Sparkling swirls of the White Flame spirals through deep royal purple of the Violet Flame.
      -  Or the White Flame may stay at the Crown Chakra to clear you.

Affirmation to clear with the White Flame:
      Holy Fire pure and bright,
         Dark is overturned by Light
      Evil deeds shall not remain,
         In the path of the White Flame.

Affirmation to discern Truth using the White Flame:
      Over thee I pour White Fire,
         Begone now if you're a liar.
      Rays of White blaze all around,
         Burn all darkness to the ground.

Clearing our own 'dark stuff' and darkness sent to us using the transformational power of the Violet Flame:
      I am a Flame of fiery heart,
         All of my darkness I tear apart.
      All the spells are put to shame.
         I am immersed in Violet Flame.

Violet Flame affirmation for oneself and the Earth:
      I am a being of Violet Fire,
         I am the purity God desires.
      I am a beacon of God's Light.

      Earth is a place of Violet Fire,
         Earth is the purity God desires,
      Earth is a beacon of God's Light.

Violet Flame exorcism.  Best used with Holy Waters
      Violet Fire of purification,
         Purge all demons from Creation.
      Violet Flames of purification,
         Purge all evil from Creation.
      Violet Flames of purification,
         Bring Light and Love to Creation.

For those who've received the White Flame:
To connect to the Golden Flame:  
   Visualize the Golden Harth
      -  If you require help, there is a Golden Harth depicted on the post,  Tera-Mai Holy Flames
      -  Ask God's Angels to send the White Flame through the Golden Harth.
      -  The Golden Harth will turn into a Golden Flame.
      -  Harth first appeared in my teaching materials and the first edition of my book, Reiki & Other Ways of Healing.  It was given to me by the Golden Buddha.

Golden Flames burn away trauma & pain, and the memory of trauma & pain.
   -  Works through conscious, subconscious and superconscious memories to heal emotions & scars.
   -  Helps to relese sadness, and transforms past emotional pain.

      Golden Flame of God's Pure Love,
         Bring me healing from above.
      Wipe all sorrow by your might,
         Fiery Gold of Love and Light.

Golden Flames to help us evolve
      Flames of Gold I call upon,
         To bring about the Golden Dawn

Initiation into the Tera-Mai 7 Holy Flames is available through Kathleen Milner for those who've  been initiated into Golden Tera-Mai Reiki One & Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem One.  ($250) 
 -  I do the new clearings described on this site before I give any initiations. 
   -  If you have not been initiated into the Violet Flame, et cetera, I will do these initiations first.
   -  The other four Flames:  Blue Flame, Emerald Green Flame, Pink Flame & Ruby Red Flame:

Saphire Blue Flame
Cleansing, clearing, healing & protection
      Shades of blue are God's Protection,
         Surround my soul in all directions.
      Shades of blue are God's Protection,
​         Surround Earth in all directions.

Emerald Green Flame
Physical healing, abundance & prosperity, gratitude & generosity, and new growth
Green Fire blazing on,
         All the pain forever gone.
      The evil eye I dis-allow,
         Flames of Green heal me now.

Pink Flame
Love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy & grace
      Fiery Pink release my mind,
         Leave bad feelings far behind.
      All the hatred shall depart,
         Pink Flames burn inside my heart.

Red Flame
Grounding, power, strength, and burns away fear
      Ruby Fire I ask for thee,
         Burn my fears and set me free.
      No distress is in my soul.
         This Red Flame shall make me whole,

Seven Holy Flames
      I invoke the 7 Flames
         All that's mine I now reclaim.
      Send all dark into your pyre,
         7 Flames of Holy Fire.

To release yourself from & forgive those who've done harm to you and yours:
   -  Call upon God / Goddess & the Angels of God.
      -  Important for you to release un-forgivenss & bitterness.
   -  Repeat the following mantra for each individual or group.  
      -  Very effective if it's done 3 times.
   -  Individuals have freewill choice to accept or reject the clearing & healing.
      -  If the individual rejects the clearing & healing, you are free ! ! ! 

      I bring you forth  from the dark, 
         and hold you to The Light. 
      Let not your past, control my present. 
         Let not my future be as dark as night. 
      I meet and greet you with open arms, 
         and move you back into The Light.   Amen

Healing & Self-Healing Techniques
Using touch points on the body:

​Chart is based on Yoga teachings.  This particular one is found on Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/everydaychakras/heart-chakra-mudras  

"I came across the attached chart, and I feel that it worked really well with Nurah. What I did was to use coned fingers (like you demonstrate in your videos) and made circles around the fingers, until I felt that the issues were detached.

Again, I felt cool and warm at the same time. Also, sometimes one hand gets cool and the other gets warm."  Luis Morah

Hands-on healing technique  
   - Stretch your hands above your head with fingers pointed straight up.
   -  Call upon the Holy Spirit and the Tera-Mai 7 Holy Flames
   -  When you feel the energy turn your hands so that they are facing one another.
   -  Lower your hands and arms, keeping the palms facing one another.
   -  Place your hands in the aura on either side of the healee.
   -  Keep the palms facing one another and move them through t
he aura.

Healing technique using the Tera-Mai initiation contractions

When you breathe blue into your kidneys and exhale white, you breathe the Flames in & out.
   -  Usually, I find that I'm breathing Blue or Blue-White Flames into my kidneys.
   -  Or White Flames are followed by Blue Flames.
   -  Or I breathe a rainbow of colored Flames into my kidneys.
   -  The idea is to allow whatever happens to happen

When I exhale I exhale whatever Flames are required.
   -  When the Flames go through Nurah, intensely cold healing energy is manifested.
   -  This technique increases healing abilities over time.

Below you will find questions, answers and comments from my email inbox.
Regarding the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames

Question:  If I would do the initiation in the Tera Mai Holy Flames, is this only the initiation and not the way to pass it on to someone else?   You say in another mail that the costs for initiation is 250 dollars and also the ability to pass it on was a total of 700 dollars.  Is this changed or can we not pass it on and do we need to work with it first before passing it on?

Comment from F:  I saw dark flames come through the text (above).   Very, very dark fire that seemed to burn from right to left, or perhaps from East to West.  I don't know?  I had to shut my eyes immediately.  I couldn't look at that dark thing even for a split second. 

In much the same way, I saw deep purple and blue flames coming from your reply (below).  This time, I felt the energy purging from left to right, or perhaps West to East.  It was hot and cold at the same time.  Very deep purple and blue flames with occasional gold sparks. 

I had never noticed that before, from an email.

Answer from Kathleen:  Hi Mn!

The initiation into the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames will allow you to breathe Blue Flames into your kidneys and White Flames out when you give the Tera-Mai Reiki initiations.  
-  The changes in the kidney breaths happen automatically after receiving the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames initiation.
-  Giving Tera-Mai Reiki initiations in this way allows the healing energies of Nurah that you are now channeling to penetrate into the marrow of your bones when you give healings or do self-healing.  
-  The ability to pass on Tera-Mai Reiki in this way brings more healing and self-healing abilities.
-  I give all Tera-Mai Reiki re-initiations on a donations-are-accepted basis.

Tera-Mai Holy Flames come from The Holy Spirit. 
 Wouldn't you feel more comfortable working with the 7 Holy Flames before learning how passing them on?

Tera-Mai Holy Flames work with and enhance both Tera Mai and Nurah. 
  Wouldn't you want to work with and understand this interaction before initiating others?

$250 is the cost of the initiation into the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames.  This initiation is for those interested in healing themselves and others.

Question:  Your web page on ‘Healing Miracles of Nurah’ you state: Pre-requisites:  First levels of Golden Tera-Mai Reiki & Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem.
So this means having only received initiations into the Tera-Mai Reiki [Master Level] I am NOT able to receive the 7 Holy Flames initiation?

Answer:  Dear M,
Since you've had Tera-Mai Reiki, I can re-initiate you into Golden Tera-Mai Reiki one for a donation before I initiate you into Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem one.   The re-initiation will give you more healing energy for yourself and your clients.

The cost of Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem one is $200.  This will also give you more healing energy for yourself and your clients.
   -  The water & air elemental healing energies within Tera-Mai Seichem one balance The Fire of The Holy Spirit.
   -  If you had been initiated into Tera-Mai Seichem, I would be able to re-initiate you on a donations-are-accepted basis.

I've reduced the cost of the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames to $250 so that more Tera-Mai healers would be able to use this clearing and healing energy.
   -  You might consider clicking on and reading the links below.

KathleenTera-Mai Holy Flames  

Regarding Tera-Mai Reiki & Tera-Mai Seichem 
Question:  Please remind me of what I need to do for the initiations into Tera-Mai Reiki & Tera-Mai Seichem.

Answer:  Dear D,
-    Because you've been re-initiated into Tera-Mai Reiki by myself or someone I've re-initiated,  when you give Tera-Mai Reiki initiations you automatically pass on Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki.
-  The only change is to do the contractions & breathing at each of the initiation points.

-  Students who already have Tera-Mai Seichem, may be re-initiate them into Golden Tera-Mai Reiki.
   -  Call for the Golden Bubbles before giving the Golden Tera-Mai Reiki initiation.
   -  Do the contractions & breathing at each of the initiation points.

   -  Angels will automatically begin to weave a pattern of healing energy between Golden Tera-Mai Reiki and Tera-Mai Seichem.
   -  This increases the healing potential of both initiations.

-   Students who want to receive Golden Tera-Mai Reiki and Tera-Mai Seichem for the first time:
   -  Call for the Golden Bubbles before giving the Golden Tera-Mai Reiki initiation.
   -  Do the contractions & breathing at each of the initiation points.
   -  Afterwards, give the Tera-Mai Seichem initiation

-   I have not taught anyone how to give the Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem initiations.
   -  Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem has the additional elemental healing energy of Ether.
   -  Much responsibility comes with Elemental Ether and the initiation process!
   -  Please carefully click on and read this post from www.tera-mai-conversation.com :
      Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem

   -    If you have Tera-Mai Seichem students who want Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem, I can re-initiate them on a donations-are-accepted basis.  
   -  You charge the full price for Tera-Mai Seichem initiations.

Question:  Are there new instructions for the Violet Flame or YOD attunements?

Answer:  Dear D,
-  The Violet Flame initiation is the same.
   -  Contractions & breathing at each initiation point.

-  I give the YOD initiation that was taught to people who learned the Egyptian Cartouche initiations.
   -  It is the only Egyptian Cartouche initiation that was not permanently corrupted.

Question:  How do the new certificates read?

Answer:  Dear D,
-  Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki for those who have NOT been initiated into Tera-Mai Seichem.

-  Golden Tera-Mai Reiki for those who've been initiated with the Golden Bubbles, and Tera-Mai Seichem.

Question:  Do I need to clear Tera-Mai initiations before giving Cosmic-Gold or Golden Tera-Mai Reiki initiations?

Answer:  Dear D,
-  I clear out manmade initiations and do all of the clearings before facilitating a healing and before giving initiations.  
-  Tera-Mai initiations do not need to be cleared.
-  People who are not abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards  do NOT pass on the energies of Tera-Mai.

Question:  When I am teaching Tera-Mai Seichem I & II, what guidance do you offer?

Answer:  Dear D,
-  Give Golden Tera-Mai Reiki ONE and then give Tera-Mai Seichem ONE on the first weekend.  
-  Then teach healing and self-healing methods.

-  Give Golden Tera-Mai Reiki TWO and then give Tera-Mai Seichem TWO on the second weekend.  
Then teach them ways to work with symbols and practice absentee healing.

Question:  How might I be better protected?

Answer:  Dear D,
-  If I were you, I would spend $250 and be initiated into the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames.
   -  In that way, when you do the three kidney breaths before giving an initiation you will AUTOMATICALLY breathe Blue Flames into your kidneys and breathe out WHITE FLAMES.
   -  Blue Flames protect, as well as clear and heal.
   -  Your initiates will better feel and be able to work with the energies of Nurah.

-  7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames come from The Holy Spirit and work with both Tera Mai & Nurah.
   -  You will have more healing and self-healing abilities.
   -  Please click on and read:
Healing Miracles from The Goddess & Holy Spirit  
Tera-Mai Holy Flames

<![CDATA[Healing Miracles from The Goddess & Holy Spirit]]>Sun, 10 Jan 2016 23:44:09 GMThttp://tera-mai-conversation.com/blog/healing-miraclesPicture
NURAH - Healing, love and magic from The Goddess   
   -  For months,  fine blue energy ribbons were woven between my aura (energy field) and my physical body.
   -  At the same time, I noticed incremental healing within me.
-  Dec 25 to Jan 1 - Nurah came through me.
   -  January 3 - 9, Nurah worked on Anne Marshall-Lee.
   -  There is NO initiation for Nurah!  
   -  On January 1, Nurah's pink healing love also came to properly attuned Tera-Mai initiates who have integrity, honesty, loving hearts and are abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards 
      -  On January 1, 2016, the combined healing energies of Tera Mai, The Tera-Mai 7 Holy Flames and Nurah helped bring an end to the dark age.  Click on and read:   Salvation or Trainwreck  
      -  Magic happened, believe it or not, when the healing energies from The Divine Goddess joined with The Fires of The Holy Spirit, and the healing energies of Tera Mai.
      -  The journey begins into the New Age or The Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.
      -  God's Angels still work to clear out the darkness, pollution and their sources.
      -  More healing is required for Mother Earth.
   -  Inevitable changes - some big and other incremental.      
      -  As the physical body of Earth changes, our own bodies have to change.   
      -  Activities, like the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, are still very important!

1.  Anne Marshall-Lee's healing is still ongoing.  I choose to write about our experiences  now, so that you might understand how Nurah works through you as a healer and you as a healee.  Experiences of three other Tera Mai initiates are also included.  

Cancerous tumor in the left breast.  Anne has been doing alternative healing, and I have worked on Anne off and on for the past seven years.  The good news is that during those years, the cancer never spread.  Anne did have the feeling that after seven years, it would go.  After working on her over the telephone on Sunday, January 3, she felt she needed to work with me for seven straight days.  These sessions continued over the phone and lasted for roughly an hour. 

Personally, I believe that people, who have serious issues or long-term illnesses, highly benefit from repeated healing sessions with a known healer, who has a healing track record and healing testimonials from real people.    


The marrow of my bones becomes cold during healing sessions.  
   -  Cold energy from my bones radiates into my tissues, outwards to the skin, and then out of me.
      -  I had to wrap myself in a blanket while I worked with the Angels and Anne.
   -  Deep, penetrating, pink cold began in my hands and wrists.
      -  Cold healing energy lasted throughout Anne's healing sessions. 
      -  After a few days, the marrow in my arms became cold.  
         -  Healing energies began in the marrow of the radius and ulna; later in the humerus.  
      -  By January 9, cold was emanating from the marrow of the bones in my legs -  tibia, fibula and femur.
Nurah works on and through the marrow of the bones.   
Nurah works with the healing energies of Tera Mai.

I was better able to sense and see core issues, as well as more of what was going on inside of Anne.  
For example, . . .
  -  One day, I felt like I was holding the tumor.
      -  My hands were frozen into position, as electricity came out of my fingers and hands.
      -  I was accurately able to describe where the tumor was and that it was kidney shaped.
      -  As the energy of the tumor shrank, my fingers SLOWLY closed around the tumor.
   -  I could tell when healing was being grounded in Anne, because my lower legs & feet became electric.
   -  My long-time agreement with God is that if I can see it, God's Angels can remove it.
      -  I could see ropes and knots holding onto the tumor.
      -  Angels cut and unknotted the cords I saw.
   -  With increasing clarity, I was able to see the core issues behind the cancer.  For example, . . .  
      -  On January 4, I saw a woman's dark gray face.  
      -  The full figure of the gray woman appeared on January 9.
         -  By this time, she was ready to let go of any issues she had with Anne and go to the Light.
         -  The gray left as she stepped into the Light, but her arm & hand were stretched into Anne's breast.
      -  The 'bundle' the woman was reaching for was secured with another mass of cords and knots.
         -  I worked with the Angels to unwind, unknot & detach the thing.
         -  When the woman took the 'bundle' into the Light with her, Anne felt the tumor's energy leave.
          -  Anne was left without pain, and feeling healthy & lighter.
          -  Anne was convinced that the physical presence of the tumor would leave.  
          -  Healing energy that was sent to Anne over the seven days is still working on her.

From January 3 - 7, I had to sleep for 3 or more hours after working with Anne.
   -  Angels worked on me so that Nurah was better able to flow through me and work on me.
      -  Each day, Nurah became stronger and more efficient.
   -  Often when I woke up, realizations would be in my head.  For example, . . .  
      -  Before Nurah there must be integrity, honesty, love and Universal Healing Energies.
      -  The Heart Chakra is where I find the 'I Am That I Am' Presence within me. 

   -  Each day, warmth in my Heart Chakra increased when I focused on The Goddess.
      -  In silent meditation I was better able to bring my attention solely to my heart.
      -  I am aware of this warmth at other times as well; for example, as I write this post.

3.  I also used the Seven Tera-Mai Holy Flames, affirmations & Tera-Mai symbols with Anne.  

      Fire comes from The Holy Spirit !
So, too, the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames come from the Holy Spirit and increase the healing power of Tera-Mai.
   -  Click on and read Tera-Mai Holy Flames .
   -  When I re-initiated Vanina into Tera Mai on January 5, the 3 blue kidney breaths were different.
      -  I automatically breathed Blue Flames into my kidneys and breathed out White Flames.
      -  This increased the healing energies of Tera Mai, which had already gone up on January 1.
    -  I re-initiated Ramona Kirk, and she was able to experience the increased healing energy.
      -  Afterwards, Ramona was able to call in golden Tera-Mai symbols, which were more powerful.
   -  I also re-initiated Anne into Tera Mai so that she would have more self-healing energy. 
   -  Initiation into the Seven Tera-Mai Holy Flames allows Tera-Mai Masters to do this as well.


Tera-Mai Violet Flame initiates, who are abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards, are able to connect to the White Flame & Golden Flame themselves.
-  Instructions on how to do this are on the post, Tera-Mai Holy Flames .


-  I am repeatedly impressed to charge $250 for the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames initiation.
   -  God's Angels impressed upon me that I have to honor my time and the effort
   -  Pre-requisites:  First levels of Golden Tera-Mai Reiki & Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem.
      -  What each of the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames are able to accomplish are in the post, Tera-Mai Holy Flames.

-  What happens during the initiation into the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames:

     -  The Violet, White, Gold, Blue, Green, Pink & Red Flames form a diamond in the initiate's aura.
     -  After the initiation, the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames in diamond form remains in the initiate's energy field.
         -  When the Flames are called upon or required, The Flames come into the healer.
           -  It's like the Holy Flames are on loan from the Holy Spirit.

-  Be forewarned!  The Bible states that sins against the Holy Spirit are  "unforgivable".

      -  I don't know about "unforgivable"?  I do know that sins against the Holy Spirit are serious!
      -  Working with the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames is desirable before jumping in to give initiations.


   -  Jesus may  well have worked with these Healing Energies from The Goddess, but the Romans deleted it during the First Council of Nicaea (May 20 to June 19, AD 325).  
   -  Roman agenda included the suppression of women and the feminine, including The Divine Goddess.

BLOCKAGES in the etheric channels STOP NURAH.  These include . . .
   -  A closed heart
      -  Tera-Mai healing energies work on emotional issues.
   -  Manmade, black and demonic initiations
   -  Multiple initiations into two or more healing systems
      -  For example, you would not want to run your appliances on both AC and DC currents.

   -  There is a simple way for a proper healer to remove manmade initiations.
       -  Manmade initiations neither come from nor are they grounded into the Earth or Heaven.
       -  http://www.kathleenmilner.com/release_manmade_attunements.html
   -  Black or demonic initiations take more of an effort to remove.
   -  Black, demonic and inappropriate contracts & vows also cause blockages in the etheric channels.
      -  God's Angels are working on removing such things from Earth.
      -  This is one of the clearings I do during healing sessions or before Tera-Mai initiations are given.

. . .  
. . . through those who pray:  
   -  Angels bring healing and blessings.
   -  Angels work in the aura; and through the thoughts, words & deeds of the one who prays.
   -  Oftentimes, we are guided to do things before prayers are answered.
      -  For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear,  this is the repeated lesson found in the original Grimm Folk Tales.  
         -  In Sleeping Beauty  on his way to the tower the prince finds human skeletons.
            -  Former incarnations of the prince, whose attempts to save Sleeping Beauty were unsuccessful !
            -  Through former lifetimes, the prince acquired what he needed to complete the task in this lifetime.
      -  Oftentimes, the tasks that we and the characters in many folk tales face appear unrelated to the goal.
      -  Answers to prayers typically happen over time.

. . .  through those who channel Universal Healing Energies:  
   -  Angels work as above.
   -  In addition, Angels work with the Healing Gifts that come into & through the healer.
   -  Miracles may happen immediately, over a short time, or a longer period of time.


-  If I ask for the wrong thing, I ask that my words & intentions either be corrected or my request cancelled.
-  If I see something dark, God's Angels are able to do something about it.


Through the centuries, most people who were born with The Gifts I was born with have used Gifts to either practice the dark arts; or they focus on power mongering, greed and corruption. 
-  Such individuals or groups work with dark beings, NOT God's Angels.
-  Such individuals are oftentimes the biggest opponents of psychics, healers and astrologers.
-  Read The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft to find out how the Nazis used black magic.
   -  The Nazis' reign of terror ended, but Karmic debt continues.
-  With the end of the age of darkness the reign of evil ends.
   -  However, individuals will always have freewill choice.


Anne's psychic abilities, and her awareness of what she wanted me to do increased each day.
   -  Anne also became so tired after our sessions that she had to sleep.
   -  Anne became aware of blockages that she never knew that she had; and oftentimes, what healing technique I could use to help her release the thing.
   -  Anne was also getting more insights when I wasn't working on her.
   -  Oftentimes, Anne was was able to sense or see the blockage leave, and the change it made in her.
   -  Anne did not always feel the healing energy as cold.

   "Nurah is a beautiful energy - very fine, slightly pink-white.  It was wonderful to feel and see it coming into me when you called it in.  And it was so amazing that you could see things from my body - like the shape of the tumor - Magic !"  Anne Marshall-Lee
   -  Anne is looking forwards to doing healing sessions for others.


   -  On January 1, Karina Hall felt the cold energies of Nurah come into her spine.
      -  Since then when she gives healings, she notices many of the same things I experienced while working on Anne Marshall-Lee.
      -  God's Angels told Karina that 80 percent of Tera-Mai initiates, who are abiding by Buddha's Tera-Mai standards, are channeling the energies of Nurah to one degree or another.

   -  Tineke Voojis of The Netherlands wrote:   My belief is that by telling us about Nurah and putting the energy in the wednesday night healing, you touch all of us, who participate.  You set things in motion for us to be able to receive the Nurah energy.  Nurah cleared the blocks for those who are pure of heart.  The time is right.  Therefore, I think you automatically gave Nurah to others.

   -   Sheetal Jane practices healing daily.  He was one of many who noticed that on January 1, the healing energies of Tera Mai went up considerably.


I did not know at the time that it was Nurah, only that it was extraordinarily loving!
     In my book, Tera, My Journey Home, I mention a time when I went to court to support a friend.  My friend was being sued by an attorney, whom she had not paid.  The attorney in question had not shown up for a court date on the day that my friend was in the hospital.  Because she was not represented, my friend literally lost millions.  

     At this new trial my friend's attorney was represented by his own attorney.   As the attorney was addressing the judge, my heart chakra opened and pink love filled the air, which I was able to see with my physical eyes.  The attorney said, "It doesn't matter that my client was not in court to defend D_____."

     Nurah is able to miraculously open opportunities for healing.  It is up to individuals to cease the day!  In this case, no one took advantage of the healing moment.
     -  Rather than dismissing the attorney's claim, the judge ordered my friend, a ninety-year-old woman, to write a statement and hand it into the court.
     -  The corrupt attorney insisted on receiving his undeserved fee.
     -  Instead of opening her heart and sticking to the point, my friend wrote a statement filled with hate.
        -  She lost the case.

     Hopefully, all is not lost.  Hopefully, Nurah created a crack so that integrity, honesty and forgiveness might someday be reclaimed.
Kathleen Milner


-  Tom van der Ende experienced the cold healing energies of Nurah coming to him on New Year's Day.
-  Tom's also had the Violet Flame initiation and connect to both the White & Golden Flames.
-  On January 10, I worked with Tom over the telephone:

-  I re-initiated Tom into Tera-Mai Reiki 1, 2 & 3.

   -  Before the initiation, I automatically breathe in Blue Flames and exhale White Flames.
   -  After the Tera-Mai initiations, Tom was able to feel the cold healing in the marrow of his bones.
   -  He also had more cold healing energy coming out of his hands.

-  I also initiated Tom into the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames.

   -  The cold in the marrow of his bones increased.
      -  As we get older the marrow in our bones depletes.
      -  Healthy marrow keeps us healthy and young.
      -  When initiates give healings, the marrow in our bones is replenished.

   -  Tom received the vision of a pebble thrown into a pond, and circular ripples spreading outwards.
      -  The energy of the Flames positively impacts many areas of life.
      -  When ripples hit the shore, they return.
         -  Heallng and what he gives to others returns to Tom in the form of blessings.

   -  Tom had a vision of Quan Yen & Saint Germaine.
      -  Besides the Violet Flame, these masters worked with all 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames.
      -  Up until this point, there's been too much darkness on Earth for this initiation to come to Earth.

   -  Tom was able to see the Diamond formed by the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames in his heart.
      -  This is avenue through which the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames are able to work with Nurah.
      -  When Tom is not healing, the Diamond formed by the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames is in his aura.

-  When Tom gives the Tera Mai Reiki initiations, he will also automatically breathe in Blue & White Flames whenever he gives the Tera-Mai Reiki initiations.
      -  Blue Flames protect Tom and the healing energies whenever he gives the initiations
      -  Blue & White Flames help the initiate clear and heal during the 21-day integration process after the initiation.

-  Briefly, here is what the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames focus on:

   -  White Flames burn away core issues and darkness to the ground.
   -  Violet Flames transform darkness into Light.
   -  Golden Flames remove trauma, pain and the memory of the trauma & pain.
   -  Blue Flames primarily protect.  They also clear & heal.
   -  Green Flames heal the body and issues concerning abundance.
   -  Pink Flames heal the heart, and help the initiate to connect to The Goddess / The Divine Mother.
   -  Red Flames ground the clearing and healing work into physical form.

-  Cost:
   -  Re-initiation into Tera-Mai Reiki is given on a donations-are-accepted basis.
   -  7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames initiation is given for a total of $250.

-  Universal Consciousness brought an end to the age of darkness on January 1, 2016.   
-  Neither Ramona Kirk nor myself predicted it; we simply witnessed the dramatically powerful shift.  
-  Many of you felt or saw visions of the shift occurring as well.
-  Jamie Partridge refers to what is about to occur as a "revolutionary leap".

Over-the-top January and February 2016 full & new Moons, act like the cleanup crew after New Years Eve.  
   -  If you want to know what Ramona and myself witnessed, click on the post  Salvation or Trainwreck.   
   -  Read more about the January & February Moon aspects on this link.  Briefly . . .  

January 9, new Moon
is still bringing out the worst in people who tend to 'play dirty'.  
   -  It's easier to see people for who they are.
   -  On the other hand, the new Moon was an opportunity to achieve love and good fortune.
   -  BOTH opposite natures continue to play out through this Moon cycle.

January 23, full Moon further enhances both of the above possibilities and energies.
   -  It's easier and easier to see people for who they are and what their motives are.  
   -  We see this played out in the media each day.

February 8, new Moon:
 Sitting on the fence no longer works!
   -  We're all called upon to make choices:
      -  Love or finances ?
      -  Spiritualism or materialism ?
   -  Pay attention to your gut feelings and highly unusual realistic dreams.

Chart is from Jamie Partridge, Astrology King
February 22, full Moon:  Planets form a brand new pattern 
  - NEVER seen before in the heavens!
  -  The full Moon perfectly bisects Uranus square Pluto.
  -  This geometric formation is not a kite.  It's not yet named.
   -  Uranus square Pluto DEMANDS change!
      -  Universal Insistence on CHANGE for the past 5 years !
      -  Powerful geometries formed in the sky by planets and stars produce energy!  Energy does NOT go away!  Energy and the repeated Universal Demand keep BUILDING !

   -  The Three Wisemen:  By who they were (magi) and what they were doing (following a star) had be astronomers / astrologers ! 
   -  Like all full Moons, the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon.
   -  The Sun and Moon both aspect the planets, Uranus and Pluto.
   -  On February 22, the Moon acts like the archer's fist, drawing back the string & tightening the bow.
      -   The arrow in this bow (energy pattern)  is aimed at the Sun.
      -  Sun conjuncts (sits directly on top of) the fixed star Fomalhaut, which further increases the energy.
         -  Fomalhaut's energies are both very good and very bad.
         -  For better or for worse everything is in The Hands of The Creator !

"The buildup of tension from Uranus square Pluto arrives at the Moon,  which then releases this conflict energy through the Sun.  The Moon (bow) launches the Sun (arrow) at a distant target."  Jamie Partridge

-  I told Ramona that if it were not for things like the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, the arrow would be aimed at Earth.   
   -  God is not about to have the evil on this planet spread through His Creation.
   -  Ramona received confirmation that I was right.
-  Learn more about the worldwide healing event that's been ongoing since August 2008:  
   -  If all you are able to do at eight o'clock (20:00 hours) wherever you happen to be on Wednesday night, is to ask God's Angels,  "Please connect me to the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings!"  and then say a short prayer, YOU ARE HELPING !

-  When Ramona looks ahead to February 22, for better or worse she sees the arrow splitting and going into different directions.
   -  Again, this is all in God's Hands !
   -  Again, Jamie Partridge believes we are in for a revolutionary leap.

   -  How each individual experiences this energy is determined by what we have done to others.
      -  If you don't like what you've done to others, there is still time to make amends & positive changes.

-  Outrageous anger may be released through meditation or healing sessions with a recognized healer.
-  Righteous anger may be given to God.  Then ask God to do something !

Copy & paste http://astrologyking.com/moons/ in the long bar at the top of your screen.  Don't google, you may end up somewhere else!
When you get to the page, click on "Full Moon February 2016 Release Your Anger"

<![CDATA[Salvation or Trainwreck]]>Sun, 27 Dec 2015 17:03:14 GMThttp://tera-mai-conversation.com/blog/trainwreckPicture
2016 is the END of the Dark Age !
You may find that your feet are solidly on the ground,  but there are changes in your legs.
-  Our legs & hips represent our foundation.
-  Because Earth is changing, our bodies make adjustments.

1.  God's Intervention is NOW . . .  

In 2007 from his deathbed, the revered Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, leading Jewish teacher, prophet and healer; revealed that the Messiah is Yeshua (Hebrew name for Jesus),  and that Jesus will return soon.  Copy & paste this site onto the top line of your computer screen.  Then hit the RETURN key.   Then read & scroll down for short video:    http://roadturn.com/rabbi-kaduri-ariel-sharon-and-jesus-yeshua-2/
" . . . the Messiah will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid." Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri

New Testament & Dead Sea Scrolls state that Jesus is an Essene Jew from the lineage of David.  
   -  In Matthew, Chapter 1, verses 1 through 16 Jesus' ancestors are traced from Abraham to King David and then to Jesus.    
   -  The prophet Nathan (2 Sam 7) prophesies the Messiah will be from King David's lineage.  

Jesus predicted the end of the Dark Age & the beginning of the Golden Age.
   -  NOT the end of the world.
   -  All of the propheces regarding signs by which we will know that the Golden Age is at hand have been fulfilled.    For example, the New Age will begin after . . .      
   . . .  the birth of a white buffalo calf.  Native American
   . . .  the Eagle lands on the Moon.  Native American
   . . .  the electromagnetic pole shift.  Edgar Cayce
   . . .   all of the men who fought in the Great War (WW I) have passed.
   . . .  Messiah would appear shortly after Ariel Sharon passes.  Rabbi Yitchak Kaduri
          (Ariel Sharon died 2 years ago.)

-  History teaches us that whenever great imbalances become overbearing God intervenes.
   -  We're there !
   -  People have sensed impending change and/or are having realistic, highly unusual dreams.


-  Unexpected reversals! 
-  Truth becomes clearer & easier to see! 
-  Easier to see people for who they truly are.
-  Intensification of who you are!   
-  All debts are paid one way or another.
-  Initially, you may find your feet solidly on the ground, but  here are changes in your legs.
   -  Our legs & hips represent our foundation.
   -  Because Earth is changing, our bodies make adjustments to keep up.

-  Pray & meditate!
-  Pay attention to your own gut feelings and your own realistic, unusual dreams.-  Strive for balance.
      -  For example, the Chinese found that the arts & music contribute to the learning of science and math.
-  Participate along with millions of other good people in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.   
      - Ongoing since August 2008 !  
      -  Once you easily connect to the group, participate however you wish and for whomever you wish. 
      -  Read more by clicking here:   
      -  Emerald Light, along with other healing energies, are in the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave.

 -  Last year, I was gifted with a healing energy that the Angels called Emerald Light.
      -  I was told that I could send the Emerald Light to anywhere I wished.
      -  So, I asked that the Emerald Light be sent into the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.
         -  The Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing is protected by God's Angels.
         -  Those who come with pure hearts and thoughts are able to use the Emerald Light.
      -  Emerald Light has the ability to repair and rejuvenate.
         -  I saw this happen in Ireland the day after Karen Molan and myself cleared the Rock of Cashel.
            -  The remains of the medieval castle turned from black to stone color.  
            -  There was more healthy vegetation.
   -  Read more about the Emerald Light by clicking on & reading this post, Alchemy .

3.  NURAH is Healing & Magic from The Feminine Aspect of The Creator - Goddess.

UNEXPECTED MIRACLES occur instantly whenever I see a vision of beautiful pink cloud surrounding me with my physical eyes.
   -  Recently, The Goddess has been integrating, Nurah, Her Magic & Healing within my aura and myself.
   -  Nurah works with the Spiritual Gifts I was born with and with Tera Mai.
   -  I'm not sure that there is an initiation for Nurah ?  

Before Nurah there must be love, compassion, forgiveness, honesty, integrity, gratitude, generosity, etc.
   -  Love opens our connection to God, The "I Am Presence", within.
      -  I feel The "I Am Presence" as a circle of warmth in my Heart Chakra.
   -  Nurah is just beginning to heal through me.

   -  Hatred of any kind, for anyone is the opposite of God.
      -  When we hate we turn our back to God.
   -  Rather, than hating an individual or group, focus on dis-liking the activity.
      -  Dislike the abuse, corruption, dishonesty, greed, et cetera.
      -  In so doing, we remove ourselves from a downward spiral.
         -  We stop repeating the mistakes of the past.
         -  We stop drawing whatever we hate to us.
   -  Oftentimes, people who hate have that same quality within themselves.
      -  For example, Hitler had Jewish blood !
      -  Before the Natzi invasion of Austria, Hitler sent an SS team to Austria to murder all his relatives. 
   -  "Vengeance is Mine, saith The Lord."   
   -  Love your enemy.

In the last couple of months, clients are astounded by the healings they've received.
   - These healings are the result of the 7 
Tera-Mai Holy Flames  
      -  Positive affirmations & more information are also found on the link above.
      -  Violet Flame has worked through & with Tera Mai for years !   
      -  So too, all 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames work with all energies of Tera Mai.

4.  Windows of opportunity & CAUTION in January & February 2016.

   -  Remain flexible & have an open, loving heart !
   -  The best choice may not be A or B, but an inspiration that takes you outside the box.  
      -  Pay attention to your gut feelings & memorable dreams.
   -  If someone is fighting or unruly, back away.

The Three Wisemen by who they were (magi) and what they were doing (following a star) had to have been both astrologers & astronomers.  
   -  Stars and planets emit energy.
   -  As they move through the sky, the stars & planets form perfect geometries in the heavens.
         -  These patterns are called astrological signs.
   -  Perfect geometries in art, sculpture & architecture draw attention & create energy.
         -  So too, perfect geometries in the sky draw attention & create energy.

In the last five years, repetition of Uranus square Pluto aspects are the roots of disorder & crisis.

-  Mayan astrologers / astronomers saw the heavens as a way to glimpse The Mind of God.
-  God, HOWEVER, does not set everything in stone, wind up the clock and then sit back to watch.
   -  Each astrological aspect has specific positive and negative possibilities.
   -  God does NOT create evil !  People do !
   -  Through God's Gift of freewill choice - by our choices we determine which path we take.

         -  Denying anyone their freewill is one reason why slavery is an act of abomination.

The rare Uranus square Pluto aspect means that The Universal Consciousness demands change.
   -  The Uranus square Pluto aspect is coming back into play.
   -  The energy from this Uranus square Pluto aspect influences the upcoming full & new Moons, and the January 5th Mercury retrograde.  

January 5, Mercury retrograde is traumatically aspected by Uranus square Pluto.  
   -  Produces over-the-top belligerent situations.

   -  Extreme power struggles.
It is also an opportunity to redo mistakes of the past 4 weeks!
   -  Handle some things that come up differently.
Love & fellowship of the December 25th, Christmas full Moon carry into the next 6 month.

Mercury goes direct on January 25 / Uranus square Pluto is closely activated on February 2.
   -  Combined energy is powerful.  It is felt now and carried into the February 8, new Moon.

"EGOMANIA" is Jamie Partridge's oneliner for the January 9, (8:31 pm EST)  New Moon 

Some individuals & groups will use every dirty trick in the book to 'have it their way.'
   -  "Egomaniacs try to take control of everyone and everything."
   -  Those who spew hatred, greed, corruption and lies have great difficulties handling the Light.
      -  Love & Light throw them off balance 
      -  The Dark Age and those who perpetuate it are about to hit a brick wall.  

SAVING GRACE:  If you practice love, chances are that you'll make the evolutionary leap.
   -  Good fortune, happiness & growth.
   -  Finding soul mates and commitment in love.
   -  "Self-discipline, patience & modesty will bring the future closer."
   -  Love & fellowship at the time of the December 25, Christmas full Moon also carries on for 6 months.   -  Pray, meditate and participate along with millions of other good people during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing are all ways to help you get through this time.

*  For more detailed information regarding predictions made by  Jamie Partridge or Astrology King:
Copy & paste this site http://astrologyking.com/moons onto the top line of your computer screen.  (Do NOT use Google)  Then hit the RETURN key.   Then click on MOON at the top of the page.  Then go to the full or new Moon you want to read more about.

"EMOTIONAL ABUSE" is Jamie Partridge's one-liner for the January 23, (8:46 pm EST) Full Moon  

Uranus square Pluto comes dramatically back into play on February 2.
      -  We feel this energy now, and throughout February.
      -  January full Moon brings erratic, desperate & dangerous behaviors and reactions.
         -  Uncertainty & anxiety.
         -  Psychological & psychic abuse.

SAVING GRACE:  "The Lucky One" is a fixed star aspecting the Sun at the time of the January Full Moon.
      -   Gives charity, sacrifice, patience & trust.
      -   Offers "faith in crisis, yet with a decisiveness that will take action." 
      -  "Can result in peculiar events, unexpected losses & gains, but sometimes, great good fortune."

Place yourself in God Goddess' Hands & release everything to Him / Her.
      -  There is a Feminine Aspect to The Creator, therefore, females of each species are possible.
          -  Mohammad referred to women as 'precious'.  
          -  The Dead Sea Scrolls (books written at the time of Jesus),  reveal that Jesus had female disciples.

"CRISIS MANAGEMENT" is Jamie Partridge's one-liner for the February 8, (9:39 am EST)  New Moon
Point of conflict is represented by a triangle. 
-   Each leg of the triangle represents one of  3 choices, which confront all of us as we prepare to make a new start. 
   1.  Complacency - do nothing
   2.  Take an uncomfortable, decisive action.
   3.  A third point of view "represents a state of flux, experimenting and experiencing new ways to find the perfect balance.  Instead of putting off dealing with the crisis of the red square, you must view the square as representing opportunities to resolve the conflict." 

There is also a 'learning triangle', which interfaces with the above triangle 
   -  Choose love or your finances !  Choose Spiritualism or materialism !
   -  Fittingly, February 8 is the beginning of Chinese New Year of the Red Monkey (Fire Monkey)

POWERFUL ENERGIES of January & February carry on into the next 6 months!

6.  NEVER AGAIN is a Jewish motto.  HOWEVER, Jesus would say that this vow should be applicable to all people of all nationalities & religious beliefs!
   -  Jesus is the Messiah; he is an Avatar.  Jesus NEVER said that he was the only Son of God.   
      -   By one vote the First Council of Nicea (May 19–June 20, AD 325) declared Jesus divine.
   -  The Second Coming is a true prophesy!  Jesus, the Messiah, comes again!

7.  Just starting to schedule classes for 2016   -  if you have thoughts, contact me
June 11 & 12:  Tera Mai Reiki Mastership  
   (people may repeat on a donations-are-accepted basis)
   Sterling, Virginia 
June 17 - 20:  Kenilworth, England
   Karina Hall <khall0808@icloud.com>

I offer healings, readings and re-initiations in-person or over the phone on a donations-are-accepted basis.

Classes & initiations are given in groups or individually; in-person or over the phone.

8.  Vibrational shift occurs every midnight, December 31st  . . .  numbers have vibrations & are at the foundation of many things!
The year 2015 was an 8 year for Earth.   (2 + 0 + 1 + 5 =  8)
    8 is a number of power and money.  2015 was the misuse of power & money.

The year 2016 is a 9 year for Earth.   (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9)
    9 is the number of endings.  2016 is the END of the Dark Age
    You feel like you are walking on different ground!

We have a personal number
 that is determined by adding the month + day we were born.
    Examples for the following four birthdays:
April 9 equals  4 + 9 = 4
June 14 equals 6 + 14 = 20
   (20 needs to be reduced to a single number )
   2 + 0 = 2
August 31 equals 8 + 31 = 39
   3 + 9 = 12
   1 + 2 = 3
November 24 equals  11 + 24 = 35  
   3 + 5 = 8


Add your personal number to Earth's personal number for 2016.
Using the personal numbers from above as examples:
   4 + 9 = 4
   2 + 9 = 2
   3 + 9 = 3
   8 + 9 = 8
Hebrew teachers refer to 9 as an 'honest' number because any number added to 9 equals itself.

Briefly the meaning of the numbers:
1 = new beginnings, self-evaluation
2 = partnerships
3 = creativity
4 = work
5 = activity and travel
6 = family
7 = spiritual
8 = money and power
9 = endings / completion

Sharia Law is politics!  It is practiced by both governments in the Middle East and terrorists.  
Sharia Law is very different from Mohammad's handwritten Koran, whose language and concepts are similar to the New Testament.

1.  What is NOT in the Koran:  There is a story in Sharia Law, whereby Mohammad travels in a dream to the Temple in Jerusalem.   He then rises upwards and past the prophets.  Thus making him the greatest and last prophet.
   -  HOWEVER, absolutely none of this is in Mohammad's handwritten notes, which are known as the Koran.

2.   What's NOT in Sharia Law:  In Mohammad's writings there is an entry whereby he declares that he made a mistake.  That is, there are many gods.  
      -   Shortly afterwards, he wrote that he was wrong.  That is, there is only One God.  
   -   In the Koran, Mohammad reveals his integrity & honesty.
   -  Sharia Law deletes Mohammad's own statements.

ACCURATE TRANSLATIONS of the Koran, which also incorporate separate writings of the history and politics of the day, may be the best way to understand the heart of Mohammad's teachings.

3.   Mohammad's first wife was both educated, and a successful business woman.
   -  There is no war against women in the Koran.  There is NO war or violence preached in the Koran!
   -  Mohammad calls for religious tolerance.
4.  After Mohammad's first wife died, he married a woman from each of the tribes.
   -  He also continued to preached monogamy to his disciples.
   -  From my observation, "Do as I say, not as I do!", never works and opens the door to other exceptions.
5.  Yes, black magic is practiced by terrorists groups in the Middle East.
   -  Black magic is commonly practiced throughout India, Indonesia and the Middle East.
   -  Practitioners of the dark arts stealing gifts from others and replace the energy with their own Karma.
   -  How this fits in with Mohammad's, Buddha's or Jesus' teachings is beyond me.

God's Justice is here!  Everything we've done to others is coming back to us!

10.  PRAYING TO GOD in the following manner works!  
So much depends upon our finding the right question to ask. 
"God, if I am on my right path, please clear away the blockages.  If I am on the wrong path, please get me onto my right path and clear all blockages."
-  The Truth is always simple and uncomplicated.

11.  LET GO of things that no longer serve.
1.  We can keep walking around in a circle of  sh*#%   or we can disconnect.

2.  When we release EVERYONE,  those who love us and are meant to be in our lives will come back.

3.  Pray to God, "Please disconnect me from everyone who is a member of my actual family !"

4.  There should only be Love between us and others; NOT chains, cords, strings, straps, et cetera.

12.  Tera-Mai White Flames & Golden Flames:  
If you have been initiated into the Tera-Mai Violet Flame initiation and abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards ,  you will be able to connect to and channel the Tera-Mai White & Golden Flames.

Simply listen to the last interview that I gave to Carmen Tracy,  the Reiki Answer Lady, on November 16.  It's entitled, Tera Mai Holy Flames with Kathleen Milner.   Follow along as I guide Carmen through the initiation procedure.  Click here then either download or click the arrow.
-  Short radio silence between the Tera-Mai White Flame initiation and the Tera-Mai Golden Flame initiation.
-  You will feel healing energy come into you as the connections are being made.
-  Tera-Mai Flames are powerful !   The energy maybe experienced as cold or hot.
-  As with other Universal initiations, this feeling will come back whenever you are doing healings.
-  I also do on-air healing demonstrations, which listeners feel & experience.
-  Click on & read more:  Tera-Mai Holy Flames

What the Tera-Mai White & Golden Flames do in healing sessions and meditation:
Tera-Mai White Flame = burns negativity & core issues to the ground.
Tera-Mai Golden Flame = removes trauma & painful memories.

13.  Why I know that 2016 is the end of the age of darkness:

Prophesy Rock on the Hopi Reservation depicts life as we know it splitting off in two very different directions.
-  It is the point where the dark age separates from the New Golden Age.
-  I believe the point where the vertical line separates into two different roads occurred on the morning of January 1, 2016.

      Because of the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, the Angels created something called Behind the Doors.  Darkness that is removed from Earth is put in there.   When it is full, two people work together with the Angels to remove it from Earth and God's creation.  Afterwards, a new triangle is set up, around which a new Behind the Doors is created.

      On the morning of January 1, 2016, I thought to ask Ramona if the Angels were ready to take the current Behind the Doors to the Celestial Prison Beyond the Stars.
      Ramona heard, "Yes!"
      So, I did the usual.  I asked the Angels, "If there is anything of the Light or that belongs to Mother Earth in there, please take it to Earth's central fire or to the Violet Flame for transformation."  
      There was nothing good in there to come out.  However, this Behind the Doors looked and felt different.  I didn't know why.  Then I asked the Angels, "Please cut all ties, access and communication to this Behind the Doors."
      Instead of cutting the chains immediately, the Angels backed me up so that I could see this Behind the Doors from a distance.  I was shocked!  Three, LONG, HEAVY, THICK BLACK CHAINS from the Earth to this Behind the Doors.  These chains represented the  massive effort  the forces of evil had used to hold Earth to dark age.
      When Saint Michael cut the chains free, the chains dropped into Earth's central fire.
      Ramona said, "The Angels are stamping a seal on the Doors.  It reads, 2015."
      The Angels said that everything evil from 2015 was taken away, as if it never existed.
      Remarkably, the energy of Earth went up.  It is the end of the Dark Age!  People who are sensitive and of the Light are able to feel this.   Those who practice corruption and the dark art arts feel nothing.
      God's Angels were as surprised as Ramona and I were !
-  I believe that participation by you in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, and the energies of Nurah helped to bring about the end of the dark age.
-  Upcoming, powerful new and full Moons of January and February, move each and everyone of us further along the diagonal lines.  
-  Happy people & happy plants are on the higher path.  Lower path has the opposite energies.  Our thoughts, words and deeds have brought each of us to our own destiny.
      Notice that after the two paths separate, they continue moving parallel to one another.   This continues until the upper path climbs higher.

<![CDATA[Tera-Mai Holy Flames]]>Sat, 14 Nov 2015 22:12:31 GMThttp://tera-mai-conversation.com/blog/tera-mai-healing-energiesPicture
For almost 20 years, Tera Mai Reiki Masters have received the Violet Flame attunement.  Holy Fires of Violet work to enhance Violet Flame affirmations / invocations & to transform negativity.

Many people mistakenly believe that the energies of the initiations they receive are within them at all times.  They think that the more types of initiations they receive, the more POWERFUL they will be.  NEITHER OF THESE STATEMENTS ARE TRUE ! ! !

The best way that I can describe a Universal initiation is this:
-   It's like Angels create etheric switches within us. 
        -   When we are NOT involved in Spiritual practices the energy waves might be seen in our aura, or they await in the Heavens or the Earth for us to become involved in Spiritual practices.
        -   When we ARE involved in prayer, meditation, Shamanic Journeywork, healing, et cetera, an etheric trigger calls the healing energies into and through us.  
               -  God's Angels come with their own Gifts & work with Universal healing energies we are channeling.
               -  God is still in control.  The energies that are required automatically come through us.

               -  Universal healing energies work through the techniques we have learned.

-   Multitudes of initiations from many various 'healing' systems;  or manmade, demonic and black initiations create blockages in our etheric channels.  The blockages may create an allusion of power, and/or physical problems.  
     -  Blockages are carried from lifetime to lifetime until they are cleared & released.  
     -  Find ONE healing system that works & produces real healings.  

-   There are many who are not born with or initiated into Universal healing energies.   When these individuals pray or are involved in Spiritual practices, Angels, who channel Universal energies, may come.  The Angel assists in whatever the individual is asking for.

-  Initiations into Universal Healing Energies are NOT about becoming Superman or Superwoman, or a power trip whereby they think they will become equal to or greater than God.

There are 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames.
Experience their healing energies ! There is a short pause near the beginning of the interview whereby you are able to either settle in and listen or meditate:
I.  White Flame  
Recently, those who were properly initiated into the Tera-Mai Violet Flame attunement could repeat an intention, which brought in the White Flame.  This invocation is on post,  Angelic Codes & Blue Star
   -  Scroll down for additional White Flame affirmations.

   -  White Flames consume negativity and reveal the Truth.   
   -  White Flames work on their own or in combination with the Violet Flame.

II.  Golden Flame  
HARTH, the symbol above, was given to me by the Golden Buddha in 1991.  HARTH made it's first appearance in my teaching manuals and first book, Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing .  
   -  HARTH helps to heal emotional and heart issues.  
   -  Because it is a Reiki (Elemental Earth symbol), HARTH also brings energies of grounding, foundation, prosperity, introspection &  prayer.
   -  HARTH may be energized with the symbols, CHO KU RAYs.  
        Check out: http://www.kathleenmilner.com/tera_mai_symbols.html
   -  People meditate upon the symbol, HARTH.
   -  Chanting, "Harth", in the same way that you would chant, "Ohm" brings in the vibration.
   -  If you've been properly attuned to Tera-Mai Reiki, any of these techniques will work particularly well.

Individuals who have both the Violet Flame and White Flame are able to meditate on the Golden Harth and call upon the White Flame.
     -  The White Flame will turn into the Golden Flame.
     -  The Golden Flame can be used to release and clear toxic memories.

     1.  Golden Flame invocation to work through, release and heal heavy emotions & emotional scars:   
                     Golden Flame of God's Pure Love,
                        Bring me healing from above.

     2.   Golden Flame invocation to release sadness:
                     Fiery Gold of Love and Light,
                        Wipe all sorrows by Your Might.

If any of The Holy Flames are used for evil, at some point, the spark of The Flame will extinguish.

There are individuals and cultures who justify evil, stating & believing that all energy is of God.
     -  That's like saying that all plants are the same.  Really?
           -  Would you really eat Poison Hemlock, Death Caps or Deadly Nightshade?
     -  It's like saying that God makes war!  Really?
           -  People create wars to secure natural resources, riches or power.
-  The Truth is that we are all given freewill choice.
     -  If we open our heart and practice honesty, integrity, gratitude & forgiveness, we grow in love and closer to The Creator.
     -  If we close our hearts to love and virtues, we close our heart to God and grow away from The Creator.  
The Flames will scorch people who practice any of the dark arts, or fail to practice integrity, honesty, compassion, et cetera.

FLAMES are a particular form of energy used for clearing or purging, which opens the doors to healing  & other blessings.

III.  Violet Flame 
-  VIOLET FLAME INVOCATIONS may be repeated by anyone, and are very effective if invoked by those who've been initiated into Tera-Mai Violet Flame.  This initiation is available to anyone.  Here are 2 new invocations:
    1.  Violet Flame invocation for the removal of my own dark 'stuff'.
                     I am a flame of fiery heart.
                        All of my darkness I tear apart.

    2.  Violet Flame invocation for removal of dark spells and dark magic.
                     I am immersed in Violet Flame,
                        All the spells are put to shame.

-  WHITE FLAME INVOCATIONS are on the following post,  Angelic Codes & Blue Star .
    -  Invocation to release negative beings & harmful energies:
                     Over thee I pour White Fire, 
                        Begon now if you're a liar.

                      Burn all darkness to the ground.
                         Rays of White blaze all around,

   -   Invocations may be adapted for specific intentions.
           From Ruth Ann Swannell
                     Holy White Flame  come to me (3x)
                     Holy Fire pure and bright
                        Dark is overturned by your Light
                     Evil deeds can not remain
                        In the path of the Holy White Flame

                     Blaze, blaze, blaze White Flame

                     I am free of all darkness, fear and pain,
                      As I invoke the power of the Holy White Flame

                     I am free, I am free, I am free to be my Holy Self.
White, Violet & Gold Flames used in clearing & healing:
   -  White Flame goes to the core issues and burns darkness to the ground.
   -  Violet Flame transform the manifestation of mental & emotional issue(s).
   -  Golden Flame burns traumatic memories, so that we are able to move on.

In addition to The Violet Flame, White Flame & Gold Flame, there are 4 additional Tera-Mai Holy Flames.
    -  These Flames are passed on by initiation.
    -  I'll offer a class so that people will understand how to use all Seven Tera-Mai Holy Flames.
    -  Anyone may receive the Seven Tera-Mai Holy Flames.
    -  Those who wish to initiate others into the Tera-Mai Holy Flames must have Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki and abiding by Buddha's Tera-Mai standards.

In the on-air interview Carmen Tracey was able to feel a big difference in energy of the Tera-Mai Holy Flames of Violet, White & Gold after she was initiated.
With that in mind, feel free to repeat the affirmations / invocations. 
   -  Understand totally that the Bible states that Fire comes from the Holy Spirit & that sins against the Holy Spirit are unforgivable.  
         -  Also understand that the Bible was written by men, who were prophets (psychics).
         -  Psychics do not always get everything exactly precise.
         -  Regardless, misuse of Holy Flames and Elemental Fire (Sakara) carries a weight of Karmic debt.

IV.  Sapphire Blue Flame was given to me by Saint Michael the Archangel 
    -  Burns away darkness that has been sent, and provides protection.
                     Shades of blue are God's Protection,
                        Surround my soul in all directions.

                     Shades of blue are God's Perfection,
                        Surround my soul in all direction.

   -  This invocation may be repeated using another name; for example:
                     Shades of blue are God's Protection,
                        Surround Earth in all directions.

                     Shades of blue are God's Perfection,
                        Surround Earth in all directions.
V.   Emerald Green Flame was given to me by Archangel Raphael  
    -  Burns away pain & curses sent by an 'evil eye'.
                     Green Fire blazing on,
                        All the pain forever gone.

                     The evil eye I dis-allow,
                        Flames of Green heal me now.

VI.  Ruby Red Flame was given to me by Archangel Uriel
    -  By burning away fears, we are set free to be who we are meant to be.  It's been proven time and again that if we change the way we think or heal our emotions, we change our whole lives.
                     Ruby Fire I ask for thee,
                        Burn my fears and set me free.

                     The evil eye I dis-allow,
                        This Red Flame shall make me whole.

VII.  Pink Flame was given to me by the Archangel Muriel
    -  Burns away bad feelings.  Love transforms in miraculous ways.
                     Fiery Pink release my mind,
                        Leave bad feelings far behind.

                     All the hatred shall depart,
                        Pink Flames burn inside my heart.

All 7 Flames may invoked at the same time to:
    -  To reclaim what was lost or stolen.
                     7 Flames of Holy Fire,
                        Send all dark into your pyre.

                     I invoke the 7 Flames,
                        All that's mine I now reclaim.

                     Flames of Gold I call upon,
                        To bring about the Golden Dawn.

Angels suggested that I honor all of the effort I put into the spiritual work I've done and charge for initiations into Tera-Mai Holy Flame:

Initiation into all Seven Tera-Mai Holy Flames and the ability to pass the initiation on is $700
   -  Initiation without the ability to pass the initiation on is $490.
   -  It is highly beneficial for individuals to work with the Tera-Mai Holy Flames before learning how to do the initiation.
   -  If the individual wants to learn how to give the initiation at a later date, the additional cost is $210

Three-Fold Flame of Gold, Rose Pink & Blue is a part of who we are.
   -  It may be observed about 12 inches above the head at the Soul Star Chakra.
   -  When the heart closes time and again, lifetime after lifetime, and there is no longer a spark of love left, it may well be that the Three-Fold Flame leaves as well.

Elemental Healing Rays from Source are for healing.  
Some Elemental Healing Rays do have some clearing energies.

   -  Some people think that Universal Initiations from Source are packed into or empower people.
    -  It is the black, demonic and manmade initiations that bring about a false sense of empowerment.
         -  Black & demonic initiations impose darkness and evil into the initiate, which controls the initiate.
         -  These initiates think that they control the demons they summon.  NOT SO !  Demons control them. 
         -  Voo Doo and black magic can create a false illusion of healing. 
            -   When the delusion goes, the individual is left in worse condition than before.

True GIFTs of The Spirit channel through the individual. 
  -  Blessings come when The Gift is used without ego.
  -  Using Gifts of The Spirit with pure-heart intentions, integrity, honesty, compassion, gratitude, et cetera, brings Grace that makes us stronger.

I was born with strong healing abilities & intuition.  
In a 1991 consciousness-raising experience, whereby my physical body and conscious mind went into the Otherworlds of spirit, I met a higher being.  
   -  I found out later, he was Buddha.
   -  Much later I found that Buddha had worked with Takata before he worked with me.  
           -  (Takata brought Reiki healing to the West.)
   -  The Golden Buddha used the healing abilities that I was born with to add Golden Elemental Earth Healing Energy from The Universal Source to the Reiki attunements that Takata had been given.
           -  More physical healings were possible.
           -  HARTH helped with emotional and heart issues.
     -  When people, who had been attuned to Reiki, were re-attuned into Tera-Mai Reiki, their healing abilities increased.
     -  Buddha established initiation standards.  
   -  Buddha also established a standard whereby people could either keep the energies of Tera Mai, or give and receive as many other initiations as they wished.
   -  Buddha's intentions were to keep the initiations, attunements, symbols & energies of Tera Mai pure.

Once Buddha made this dramatic connection with me, for nearly 25 years, he guided me to other Rays of Healing from Source.
Components of Tera-Mai Seichem:
   -  Sakara (Elemental Fire Healing Energy from Source) brings both heat and low voltage electricity for healing in both the body and the aura.
   -  Sophi-El (Elemental Water Healing Energy from Source) heals the emotional body and the heart.
   -  Angeliclight (Elemental Air Healing Energy from Source) heals the mental body and brain.  
           -  Angeliclight also helps the initiate communicate with God's Angels, who use the healing energy that the initiate is channeling to bring about healing.
     -  The original Tera-Mai Reiki energies.

The symbol, AKASHA, to the left was originally given to me by Marla Abraham when she took my Tera-Mai Reiki Mastership class in Long Island.  She called it Planetary Healing and Enlightenment.  The symbol first appeared in my teaching materials.

NEW BEGINNINGS were ushered in with January 1, 2014 New Moon, and continue throughout 2015:
1.  Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki brought increased healing.
   -  Tera-Mai Reiki initiates could be re-attuned for a donation.
   -  Properly attuned Tera-Mai Reiki masters are able to pass this initiation onto to others.

2.  Golden Tera-Mai Reiki is available to those who'd been properly attuned into Tera-Mai Seichem for a donation.
   -  Properly attuned Tera-Mai Reiki masters are able to pass this initiation onto to others.
   -  Click on & read:   Golden Tera Mai Reiki

-  Golden TM Reiki initiates a weaving process into TM Seichem.  TM Seichem weaves back into Golden TM Reiki.  And back and forth, increasing the healing abilities of both initiations.   -  When the weaving is completed in the first degree initiations of TM Seichem and Golden TM Reiki, the weaving continues with the second degree initiations, if the individual has been initiated properly. 
   -  The same is true with the third degree initiations
   -  When the weaving is completed with third degree initiations, the weaving continues into Tera-Mai Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight, if the individual has been initiated properly.
   -  When this is complete, something quite wonderful happens with Tera-Mai Cahokia, if the individual has been initiated properly.

3.  TERA-MAI AKASHA SEICHEM:  Elemental Ether Healing Energy from Source was added to Tera-Mai Seichem.  
   -  Ether greatly increases the scope of healing and miracles.
   -  Individuals who are attuned are being asked by God's Angels to practice the art of real healing.
   -  I am able to re-attune those who've been properly attuned to Tera-Mai Seichem for a donation.
   -  Click on & read:   Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem

Shaman & healers all used Elemental Rays from The Creator.  
     -  The more Elemental Rays they channeled, the greater the healings & miracles they facilitated.
     -  Shamanic Journeywork is a very specific type of meditation, whereby the meditator goes deeply into the mind's eye until he or she sees him or herself and works with Angels and spirit helpers.
           -  Watching him or herself is a way to keep the logical left brain busy so that the creative right brain is able to work with the unseen world.
     -  The more Universal Healing Energy the meditator is channeling, the more effective results he or she is able to bring about.
     -  So long as the Shaman works with integrity, honesty and compassion, the higher-vibrational beings will work with the Shaman.
     -  As soon as the individual imposes his or her will, or has dark intentions, higher beings leave and lower entities come in.

Stars are energy, and there are Angels of God, who work with specific energies that are emitted by some stars.

Blue Stars do NOT age.
   -  Angels who work with the Blue Stars bring clearing & healing, producing homeostasis or balance.
   -  Tragic results for those who attempt to call upon The Blue Stars or the Angels of The Blue Stars for dark purposes.
   -  Currently, two HUGE Blue Stars, one with predominantly masculine energy and the other with overriding feminine energy, are merging.  The combined star will illuminate a harmony of balanced feminine and masculine energy, which is MUCH needed in this universe.
   -  Excessive masculine energy on Earth may be released and returned to The Universal Source to be cleared, re-polarized and returned to Earth as balanced feminine energy, which comes into harmony with balanced masculine energy.  Please click on and read:  Angelic Codes & Blue Star .

The full impact of Nurah will come to me on December 25, 2015.
   -  Nurah is subtle Feminine Healing Energy from The Goddess that channels through the Blue Stars.
   -  Saving Grace !
   -  Nurah is particularly good at clearing the past by showing us what we have done and what we've become, so that quick, powerful clearing & healing is initiated.
       -  Not easy to accept or do.  However, the result is a release of burden and guilty.
   -  I will be able to pass the initiation after Christmas.

Emerald Light was given to me several years ago, along with an initiation.
Emerald Light is the alchemy that repairs, rebuilds and restores the environment & physical bodies.
   -  Click & read:   Alchemy
         &  http://www.kathleenmilner.com/Class_Descriptions.htm   

Last year, the alchemist, Moses, blessed me as the barer of the Emerald Light.   He said that I could send the Emerald Light to wherever I wished.
      -  I asked that it go into the Wednesday night 8:00 PM Clearings so that all who participate with integrity, honesty, compassion &  pure hearts might use Emerald Light.
      -  Click on & read:  http://www.kathleenmilner.com/wednesday_night_clearing_healing_abundance.htm

Keep in mind that the Three Wisemen in the New Testament by who they were (Magi) and what they were doing (following a star) had to have been both astronomers and astrologers.

Seeing Truth in the Mind's Eye
The November 11 New Moon aligned with the green fixed star, Zubanaschamail.  
-  The Angel Zubanaschamail opens our mind's eye so that we'll see ourselves for who and what we've have become.
    -  Those who've worked out their Karma and issues are able to accept the gifts of increased intuition, active intelligence and common sense.
    -  Those who've remained dark could go crazy.

The Angel Zubanaschamail will be with us until the November 25 Full Moon.  At this time . . .  
    -  . . .  a huge, dense ball of Karma awaits on the other side of the Full Moon for those who have not worked out their issues or Karma.
    -  . . .  a large ball of swirling hues of rainbow Darma (good Karma) awaits on the other side of the Sun.
    -  There is still time to use the techniques described above, or use other clearing & healing techniques to accept the Truth, open the heart to Love and forgiveness, make amends, et cetera. 

The incredibly demanding astrological energies of the November Full Moon are carried into the December. 

December 11, New Moon (5:29 am, EST) :  The energies of change that were produced by powerful astrological aspects of the past several years,  begins to manifest in the physical world.  
 -  Jamie Partridge states that the December New Moon suggests  "a final evolutionary leap required to adapt to the massive change and upheaval of recent years.  
-   Positive aspects from the New Moon to a Mars / Uranus opposition gives all the initiative and courage required to make this exciting leap of faith."  

December 25, Full Moon (6:12 am EST):     "Open communication, love and kindness" are promoted with the December Full Moon.  
-  The stars give us an opportunity to step back so that we might see "we are a work in progress".    
-   Specifically, we see what and who works in our lives, and what and who are not working.  
-   In this way we are able to make adjustments and MOVE forwards.  

Go to MOON PHASES 2015 on astrologyking.com to read so more.

<![CDATA[Angelic Codes & Blue Star]]>Tue, 27 Oct 2015 20:51:01 GMThttp://tera-mai-conversation.com/blog/angelic-codes-blue-starsPicture
Hopi Prophesy:  
"When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge"

Discovered in 1953, astronomers and scientists fail to understand how Blue Stars regain their youth.
   -  New evidence suggests that the center of the star's mass shifts into a 'younger' body or existence. 

   -  In a similar way will Earth shift her mass into a higher vibrational plane and body to enter the New Age?
   -  Is this how we shift into the New Age?  
      -  The catch is that we need a higher vibrational body to shift into.
      -  We help to create a higher vibrational body when we demonstrate such things as compassion, honesty, gratitude, forgiveness & integrity. 

Dear Kathleen, One of my students from the Netherlands called me.   I explained to her about the new clearings (the blocks in the palm of the hand, the blockage in the root chakra, the implant in our liver and the cord across the shoulders and down the left arm, et cetera).   I cleared her. 

Before I gave her a healing, I asked for the White Flame, the energies of the Blue Stars, and all the elements, including Akasha (Ether).  All the time my hands were burning.  After a while, I saw Archangel Michael with his sword of light.   The color blue cut all the cords from her that she had with other people.  After that, I saw Blue Star and Akasha. The healing was so powerful, I never experienced this amount of power before.  She feels a lot better.

I thank God's Angels, Luis and you for the White Flame, Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem, and the energies of the Blue Stars.

Regeneration is possible  because Blue Star Angels also channel POWERFUL Healing Divine Feminine Energies, which the Angels call Nurah.  
For a short time, people were allowed to experience Nurah through the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.
   -  From the multiverse the energies of Nurah come into our universe through the Blue Stars.
   -  The Angels of the Blue Stars or Blue Star Angels work with Nurah.

   -  Nurah's hight vibrational healing energy works through the Blue Stars, in much the same way that the healing elemental rays work through but are separate from the 5 elements - earth, air, fire, water & ether. 

When the Blue Star Angels healed Luis Moura through his timeline with Nurah , Luis said it was the most powerful healing energy he had every experienced.
   -  If we have food but no water, we thirst for water.  
   -  If we have water but no food, we hunger for food.
   -  In a similar way, masculine energies on Earth are EXTREME.  We lack The Feminine Energies ! ! !  
   -   Thus, when we experience  Nurah, the Energy of The Feminine appears as powerful to us as water is to a man dying of thirst.

After Luis' healing, the Blue Star Angels presented Luis with glimpses of past events that require healing.
   -  Luis asked me to mention this in the post so that people who will seek healing of past lives will NOT ignore disturbing images that pop up.  
   -  Breathe away the emotional pain; breathe in forgiveness.
   -  The emotional pain of healing past transgressions  maybe uncomfortable for ten minutes or so, but the long-term relief and clarity experienced afterwards is well worth it.

Nurah manifest on Earth after major events happen according to God / Goddess' Divine Plan.
     -  First, we have to get through Autumn.  
     -  Excessive masculine energy must be cleared and brought into balance with the feminine.  
     -  Nurah's energies will be available at Christmas time. 
     -  Positive impact of the initiation into Nurah is brilliant, and brings commanding healing results.

What does Nurah do?
     -  Nurah clears & heals through timelines.
        -  I see the healing energies of Nurah as shades and hues of blue.
        -  The healing energy is so impactful that it will not be missed or mistaken.
        -  Real healings manifest quickly.
     -  Healee accepts the fact that none of us are perfect, and asks The Creator for forgiveness.
     -  Through the release you will experience healing as you have never been healed before.
     -  When the past is cleared & healed, Nurah regenerates, repairs & raises the vibration.
     -  Nurah GREATLY enhances the attributes of the 5 elemental healing rays from Source.
     -  Nurah helps to restore balance between masculine and feminine energies.
Balance is the hallmark of a healthy body and mind.
           -  For there to be order there must be balance.
           -  Order is primary to existence and Order is Heaven's First Law.
Balance in one sense is not strictly 50 - 50.
           -  Females are born with 2/3 feminine energy and 1/3 masculine energy.
           -  Males are born with 2/3 masculine energy and 1/3 feminine energy.
           -  Our twin flame, who is more than likely our Guardian Angel, holds the other 1/3 - 2/3 balance.

What are we able to do now?
   -  Men & women find that when they repeat the Prayer to Clear Excessive Masculine Energy that there is relief, clearing, healing and less stress in their bodies, places of work, families and elsewhere.
After negativity is cleared, I feel like a burden is lift from the shoulders. Blockages are gone, and energy flows better. 
After excessive masculine energy is cleared, I feel as if I am in the sea of tranquility.  It brings a sense of calm, inner peace, and I feel a lot more balanced. 

Luis Moura
   -  Two hours after posting the prayer to release excessive masculinity, I received the following email:
Thank you Kathleen <3
I needed this prayer to help release the aggressive energies which I feel were / are part of my cancer issues  ... I already feel different after saying it once.


1.  Prayer to Clear Excessive Masculine Energy  
-  Pray with your heart,  "May excessive masculinity be returned to The Universal Source to be cleared and re-polarized, and returned as feminine energy so that it may restore balance and harmony with the masculine."

-  "I ask that all excessive masculine energy be released from my seven chakras, my soul, my physical body, my mind and thoughts.
-  "I ask to be released from all masculine aggressiveness and prejudice.
-  "My feminine side forgives all that I have suffered from the oppression of excessive masculinity. 
-  "I ask that all excessive masculine energy be released from my home, my place of work, my surroundings, my country, the world and the universe.
- " I ask for forgiveness for rejecting or fighting my feminine side in past lives."

-  Then still your mind, and feel the positive change and joy in your heart.  Or meditate and watch the Angels answer your prayers, and restore the feminine in such a way that it is in balance and harmony with the masculine.

Why it is Important to repeat the prayer Each Day?
       -  Excessive masculine energy has resulted in an overly aggressive and destructive patriarchy on Earth.       
       -  Volatility spewing from an unbalanced patriarchy results in never-ending wars, killing sprees, loss of hope, decimation of the environment, global warming, assaults on women, pedantic or uninspired education,  political corruption; and ultimately, unavoidable destruction of the Earth.  We see the first signs of this now!
       -  Excessive masculine energy also imposes false dogmas.  For example . . .
              -  As the Roman Empire penetrated into Europe, there were men of both Roman and Hebrew heritage who married Celtic women, who were healers and Shaman.  The Sanhedrin looked upon these women as competition.  So, the Sanhedrin declared that only those born of Jewish mothers were Jews.  
                 -  The result being that Jesus' Jewish heritage has been denied to countless people.
                 -  As the Jewish religion became increasingly insular, other issues evolved.

2.  Pray to The Goddess and ask Her to return.  
            Latin pronunciation of the vowels:  e = a as in bale
                                                                   i  = e as in email
                                                                   a  = ah as in avoid
      Here are Names by which The Goddess has been known:     
          Eloha - Most Powerful One (Hebrew religion)
          Shekinah - Goddess' Presence (Hebrew religion)
          Malketa - The Queen (Ancient Aramaic religion)
          Elat - Goddess (Caananite religion)
          Tara - Mother Goddess (Druidic religion)
          Ninlil  -Highest Goddess (Ancient Sumerian religion)
          Hebat - Queen of Deities (Ancient Hittite religion)
          Shiva-Shakti - Supreme Goddess (Hinduism)

3.  Include your country, neighborhood & home when you do clearings.

4.  BLUE STAR:  Over five years ago, Ramona and I were introduced to these clearing & healing energies.

     Since then, I've included Blue Star when I call out loud for healing energies, but no one followed my lead. 
      -  Five years ago, I didn't realize that there were actual blue stars.
      -  Recently, Ramona Kirk was shown that it is more effect to call upon all of the Blue Stars.
      -  It is highly beneficial to have the Tera-Mai Sakara II initiations, and imperative to have pure intentions before calling upon the Blue Stars.
      -  A caveat for all who would call upon the Blue Stars:  Terrible consequences befall those who would call upon the Blue Stars and attempt to use the energies of these stars for evil, corruption, power mongering, deceit, war mongering, harm, et cetera .

5.  WHITE FLAME:   A Gift that is available for all who've been properly initiated into the Tera-Mai Violet Flame initiation by Tera-Mai Seichem Masters, who are abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards 
     -  White Fire burns through time. Burns distortions and reveals the truth.
     -  Call upon The Goddess by any of Her Names.  Call upon the Violet Fire, Saint Germain, the Angels of the Violet Fire and the Violet Flame
     -  Hold your palms out.
     -  Repeat the following INTENTION:
           I have pure-heart intentions for the energy of the White Flame.
           You are Light; I am Light.
           All Earth will be Light.
           For we will bring Light to every darkness,
           Light to every mis-creation.

     -  Close your eyes and focus within.
           -  Sparkling swirls of White Flame spiral through the deep royal Purple of the Violet Flame.
              -  The Flames may work separately or together.  
           -  The White Flame at the Crown Chakra clears you.
           -  Energies maybe used in hands-on or distant healing.
     -  Repeating the INTENTION above or the following prayer while doing clearings increases the energy:
           Holy Fire pure and bright,
              Dark is overturned by Light.
           Evil deeds shall not remain,
              In the path of the White Flame.

6.  Ruth Ann Swannell realized that she needed something more.  "Yes, I am protected from all discord sent to me, but what about what I send out?"   Spirit gave her the answer in church:
           I am a being of Violet Fire, I am the purity God desires.  I am a Beacon of God's Light.
           Earth is a place of Violet Fire, Earth is the purity God desires. Earth is a Beacon of God's Light.
(Additional Violet Flame affirmations for protection are on the post, Surviving a World of Opposites.)
I was given the initiation procedure for Nurah.
-  Sufficient and balanced earth, air, fire, water & ether healing energies are required.  So, prerequisites are:   
       -  Golden Tera-Mai Reiki and Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem III     

       -  Second levels of Tera-Mai Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight.    
-  Initiation into Nurah will be available at Christmas time.  
       -  Before receiving initiations from myself or anyone, check out what kinds of healings we are able to facilitate ! ! !
       -  Whenever someone says that they've moved up; that is, they only teach and no longer give healings, think about it ! ! !
       -  Did Jesus ever stop his healing ministry?  Even after he initiated and taught his disciples, did he stop?

Why  & how was Nurah revealed to me?
        -  WHY?  Maybe hope!  Maybe something better is on the horizon!
        -  HOW?  Go to the HOME page.  Then click on and listen to the interview I gave Carmen Tracey.

The higher the vibrational energy, the greater the Karmic consequences for those who transgress The Universal Standards.   This is Universal Law ! 
-  Universal standards include love, compassion, integrity, honesty, et cetera.
-  Buddha's Tera-Mai Standards are a part of The Universal Standards.
-  Following Universal Standards opens the individual to high vibrational energy.

Jesus said, "There will be signs in the heavens."
It doesn't matter how Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion & mercy, got into the clouds over Malaysia.  
   -  Her appearance signals the beginning of her intervention and help for women around the world.
   -  More and more women are making a positive impact.
   -  Super Girl is on television. We may have a woman President. 
   -  Click on and read Surviving a World of Opposites   

Catholic Church wasn't always anti-abortion!  

Compulsory pregnancy is a demand by those who would impose their religious beliefs upon others in spite of the fact that the Bible's only definition of life states over and over again:
   -  Life enters with the first breath and leaves with the last.   
      -  This is the ONLY definition of life in the Bible !    
      -  There are many websites that are now pointing out how life and breath are tied together. Something I've said for years.
     -  People would do well to read the Bible and Koran for themselves, rather than depend on other people's interpretation.

Here's some of what you are missing by not reading the Bible for yourself:
By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, And by the breath of His mouth all their host. 
Psalms 33:6

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;  and man became a living soul.  Gen 2:7

If He should set His Heart to it and gather to Himself His Spirit and His Breath,  all flesh would perish together, and man would return to dust.  Job 34: 14-15

The Spirit of God has made me, and the Breath of The Almighty gives me life.  Job 33:4

If a man causes a woman to have a miscarriage, he shall be fined; however, if the woman dies then he will be put to death.  Exodus 21:22
Murdering a woman results in the ultimate punishment of the law.  However, no punishment whatsoever is decreed anywhere in the Bible for a woman who chooses to have a miscarriage or abortion.

Thus says the Lord God to these bones:  Behold, I will cause breath to enter you, and you shall live.   And I will lay sinews upon you, and will cause flesh to come upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and you shall live; you shall know that I am the Lord.  Ezekiel 37: 5&6

Therefore I speak to them in parables; because while seeing they do not see, and while hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.  Jesus Christ,  Matt. 13:13
A fetus, like the liver, is living tissue.
      -  Before the fetus entered the world, the stillborn was living tissue in the womb.
      -  Many fertilized eggs do not attach to the womb and end up being flushed down the toilet.
         -  Do you really believe that The Loving God would allow the soul to enter a fertilized egg?
         -  When did a fertilized egg have more rights than a woman or teenage girl?
ANSWER:  On October 12, 1869, one man, Pope Pius IX, declared, 'the soul enters the fertilized egg!'
The soul travels with the expectant mother in her aura.
    -  I saw this phenomenon after I bred my mare, Duchess.  (Yes, animals have souls !)
       -  I believe the prophets saw the assigned souls in the auras of pregnant women.
   -  Because the soul is NOT in the fetus, neither Jesus nor the Bible condemned abortions
      - Funeral rites were never mandated or performed for the miscarried or aborted fetus, or stillborn.
        -  There was NO first breath!  
        -  Without the first breath the soul is unable to enter the physical. 
   -  The soul may send an energy line to the fetus at anytime.
      -  Do you believe a soul would do this if a miscarriage or abortion was preordained ?  Really?
   -  Typically, late-term abortions are performed to save the life of the woman.
      -  When a fetus stops functioning and the tissues begin to decay, it becomes toxic.
      -  If not removed quickly, the toxicity will kill the woman.

What happens to the soul after a miscarriage or abortion?

   -  The soul may leave the female's aura and wait for another opportunity to be born.
   -  The soul may 'hang around' waiting for an opportunity to be born through the same woman.
   -  If it was a certainty that the fetus would be aborted or miscarried, there may never have been a soul waiting in the aura to come in with the first breath.

The U. S. Constitution protects only those who are born !
   -  Neither a fetus nor a corporation is born.
   -  Compulsory pregnancy is unconstitutional.
   -  Compulsory pregnancy takes away a girl's or woman's control over her own body and her future .

If a state institutes compulsory pregnancy, then the state is liable for more than just death benefits to the family, should the pregnancy be mandated by law against doctor's advice !
-   100% of the cost for special-needs babies and children must be covered.
-   If the girl or woman lost opportunities, then the state is liable to cover those costs.
-   Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman's body.  What man has the right to mandate this?
-   QUALITY orphanages staffed with sufficient quality personnel and equipment must be built & maintained.

Other reasons why some people demand compulsory pregnancy.
   -  Business wants over-population so that there is a cheep labor force.
   -  Voodoo practitioners mark an unloved or unwanted newborn or young child.
       -  This 'marker' or implant is found in the neck.  
       -  Through this 'marker' they inflict their influence, and drain energy and gifts.

Why am I posting this?
Because there are far too many women, who've had abortions for a variety of good reasons, who have been made to needlessly feel extremely guilty.
-   Invariably, women will find me and call me the following day whenever I speak and mention the fact, "Life enters with the first breath and leaves with the last." 
-  These women and girls need to hear these words again!
-  The war against women has to stop!

By definition (magi)  & by what they were doing (following a star)  the Three Wisemen in the New Testament had to have been astronomers and astrologers.

November 11th New Moon at 12:47 pm (EST), aligns with a fixed star, Zubeneschamail.
   -  Zubeneschamail "gives good fortune, high ambition, beneficence, honor, riches and permanent happiness."
   -  "Morse says this star gives a sharp mind and intellect, with a very powerful psychic quality."  
    -  Caveat:  People who misuse Gifts will find this New Moon twisting their intuition inwards so that they might see themselves for who they really are.  The astrologer, Jamie Partridge, states on his site that for such individuals psychosis is possible.
   -  This is NOT the time for dubious individuals to meditate.
   -  The Sun & Moon are on Mercury.  Heightens organizing abilities and psychic talents!  Happiness in love!
Google what Jamie Partridge has to say about both November moons: astrologyking.com/moons .

November 25th Full Moon at 5:44 pm (EST) :  
   -  Jamie Partridge points out that guilt, fear and anxiety are challenging aspects.
When I feel the energy . . . 
   -  Multiple, powerful astrological aspects at the time of this Full Moon guarantees that all Karma (good and bad) is due. 
      -  SUN CONJUNCTS SATURN ! ! !  It's both good or bad, depending upon our past actions.
         -  Saturn's hard taskmaster qualities are magnified for those who've avoided working out their 'stuff'.
         -  HOWEVER, for those who've mastered their lessons, Saturn swings open the doors of opportunity.

   -  We are all getting back in kind and quality what we have said and done to others.
   -  The energy is so strong that it's beginning to happen now and will continue long after this Full Moon.
-  Between now and November 25, there is a GREAT opportunity for people to work out bad Karma by opening their hearts, making amends and repaying debts.
-  Both November Moons act as a mirror.  Each one of us will be confronted with who we are.
   -  Be aware that whatever we find disturbing in others is more than likely raging within ourselves.

The force of Karma coming back to each of us is so powerful on November 25, that Ramona Kirk was shown a vision of a MASSIVE dark ball of 'bad' Karma behind the Full Moon.  
  -   She also saw a large, glowing circle of swirling beautiful colors and 'good' Karma behind the Sun .

It is possible to call upon the energies of the November Full Moon and God's Justice to clear ourselves:
"I invoke my Divine Gift of freewill choice.  I reject all evil that has ever been sent to me.  I ask that all darkness be cleared and released from me.  Please send it into the bottomless pit.  If Karma must go back to the individual(s) who sent it, send the darkness back with my forgiveness."

There's still time!  IT'S NOT TOO LATE!  November 25th is still weeks away.   It is still possible for people to open the heart, ask for forgiveness and make amends.  
   -  Our Sun conjuncts Saturn - Saturn is a severe, unrelenting task master.
   -  For those who have learned their lessons & resolved Karma, Saturn offers new & better opportunities.

An overly aggressive and unbalanced patriarchy has suppressed and distorted The Divine Feminine on Earth.

The higher being, who is referred to as Ishtar, has been unjustly defamed.  In part because attempts to corrupt or misuse the energies of Nurah, which channel through Ishtar from The Goddess, brings severe consequences.  
Ishtar means star, and she is ancient.  When she came to Luis Moura and myself, she had this to say:
   -  Earth's connection to the Blue Stars was broken because men stopped calling in higher feminine beings and The Divine Goddess.

   -  The Universe on Fire is being destroyed in flames because it became totally corrupted by an overly aggressive and unbalanced matriarchy, which suppressed and distorted The Divine Masculine.

   -  Click here to read about the Universe on Fire; and the difference between Elemental Fire Healing Energy from Source and the fires of destruction:  God's Fire Angel .

-  Ishtar continue to say that because of the gross imbalance of masculine energy on Earth, channels to higher beings have only been open to women for the past 500 years.
-  This changes when balance is restored on Earth.

Angelic Codes 
Angels are also healing DNA 
God's Angels cleared 33 of Tom van der Ende's DNA markers., which the Angels refer to as Angelic Codes.  Afterwards, Tom was able to heal other people’s DNA when he does healings. 
Shortly after I re-initiated Tom into Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem, Tom facilitated a healing session for me over the telephone.  He saw the same White Light that the Angel used to clear his 'Angelic Codes'.   When Ramona Kirk checked my DNA, she saw that the Angels were in the process of making it stronger and repressing my RNA.
Later, I called upon the Angel, the special White Light and the Angelic Codes to heal Ramona’s DNA and to suppress her RNA.  It worked!  Then we worked with the Angel to put this energy into the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.  Thus, the healing energy is dispersed, but it is there for you to use each Wednesday night.  Persistence works and people are looking for things that work. http://www.kathleenmilner.com/wednesday_night_clearing_healing_abundance.htm  
Like prayers, the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing requires heart-felt repetition in order for the prayers to be manifested into Earth form.  For instance, when we are about to give up on our prayers, but instead work through that feeling of 'giving up', our prayers begin to manifest.  We also grow spiritually.

The Angels of God work with all who participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.
     -  We live in a world where people want a quick fix, a pill to make everything go away or change.  That's not the nature of prayer!

     -  If the only thing that you do on Wednesday Nights at 8:00 PM is to ask, "Angels, please connect me to the Tera-Mai healers."  You will see positive change around you in that eight o'clock hour.

Angels caught on video, and police surveillance cameras: 
A SHORT introduction with a background of angelic artwork is followed by remarkable videos:

     -  The video clips I found most remarkable was from a camera looking down on a street.  A bicyclist was on a collusion coarse with a car.  JUST BEFORE the car hit the bicyclist, an Angel appeared in Light and teleported the bicyclist and his bicycle 100 feet away.  There is also a slow motion of this phenomenon.
     -  On another video clip an earthbound spirit tumbles out from the CLOSED doors of a moving car and disappears.  It was caught on video by the car behind.
     -  In a couple of incidents  Angels appear, and healing occurs afterwards.

Specific Archangels and higher beings have specific assignments.  

     -  Each higher bring brings specific gifts & energies to Earth.  
     -  Some of these energies we see as colors.  For example:

     El Moyra - the Blue Ray, which is connected to the throat chakra.
     Archangel Gabriel - the White Ray.  Call upon Gabriel when you want Pure White Light Truth.
     Archangel Raphael - the Green Ray.  Call upon Raphael when you ask for healing.
     Archangel Michael - Call upon Michael for protection.  Wields power without emotional attachment.
     High Priest Melchizedek - establishing God's Will on Earth.  Attends the Holy Grail.
     Serapis Bey - Brings the Red Ray to ground intelligence, beauty and personal growth.  

<![CDATA[God's Fire Angel]]>Fri, 02 Oct 2015 16:23:12 GMThttp://tera-mai-conversation.com/blog/gods-fire-angelPicture
Real Healing Energy is experienced by people who listen to the interview I gave Carmen Tracey.  This is because Tera Mai has become stronger, and I connected the listeners to:
-  The Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing
-  The Names of God and asked that all listening were blessed
-   The Angels of God

Go to this site: 
http://reikianswerlady.com/teramaihealingkathleenmilner . You will find the Reiki Answer Lady.   Click on the 24 SEPT podcast at the top of the page, Tera Mai Healing with Kathleen Milner.  (Click on and listen, or download the free podcast.)

At the time I did the interview, I did not know what Archangel Uriel's attributes are, so I missed calling him in. 

Prayer to the Archangel Uriel, “The Fire of God”

Holy St. Uriel, come to our aid with your legion of angels!  
Intercede for us that our hearts may burn with the Fire of God. 
Obtain for us the grace to use The Sword of Truth, 
To fight against all that is not in conformity to the most Adored Will of God in our lives.

This archangel enlightens the minds and the hearts of the faithful with The Light of Divine Truths and The Fire of Divine Love.  

If you also want to make the prayer personal for you, repeat the prayer as follows:
Holy St. Uriel, come to my aid with your legion of angels!  
Intercede for me that my heart may burn with the Fire of God. 
Obtain for me the grace to use The Sword of Truth, 
To fight against all that is not in conformity to the most Adored Will of God in my life.

When we were very young, we loved passionately - to reignite the flames: 
-  Call upon Archangel Uriel to relight your fire.
-  Pray to God / Goddess, "Please teach me to love as You Love."

-  We forget that it was life's circumstances that caused us to close our hearts.
-  We forget to clear & heal the past and our 'inner child.'
-  Call upon God to release those who've harmed you.  Using 'mother' as an example, address her spirit:
     -  I accept you as my mother.  I love you.  I return to you all that is yours.

-  Call upon Saint Germain & the Angels of the Violet Fire to clear and heal the past.
     -  The Violet Flame Decree and Violet Flame Invocation are found on Surviving a World of Opposites 
     -  I do each affirmation 3 X 3 times each morning and before going to sleep.
     -  Since starting these affirmations, I am no longer hit with black magic, people's jealousy, et cetera.

-  Speaking of jealousy, jealousy is supposed to be a positive emotion informing us that something like this may come into our lives.
     -  Don't hold onto jealousy.
     -  Instead, pray to God, 'Thank you for letting me know that something like this is possible for me.'

Energies of September found people and things leaving us so that something better could come in.
-  That particular energy continues but slows down. 
-  Pure White Light Truth and Divine Love continue to grow.


Monday, October 12, New Moon (8:06 pm EDT) offers exciting anticipation.
     -  Some people may turn anticipation into anxiety.
     -  To avoid anxiety and hasty mistakes:
          -  Think twice, even three times before taking action.
          -  Ground with the symbol MARA, which is to the left.
          -  MARA will also help set up energies of abundance for the Full Moon.

Tuesday, October 27, Full Moon (8:05 am EDT)  brings love and 'big time success.'
     -  To fully benefit from the energies that perfect geometries in the heavens offer, it is important to connect to or work with celestial energies.  For example,  pray or meditate shortly before or during the astrological aspect.  Another example, send prayers or healing ahead in time to the event.
     -  By definition and by what they were doing, the Three Wisemen in the New Testament had to have been astrologers and astronomers.

There is a wealth of ideas, explanations, healing testimonials, healing techniques on these blogs.   For example, the new clearings that I did for Carmen Tracey are on the post, God's Telephone Number  

To find out about the fifth element, Ether, in conjunction with Earth, Air, Fire and Water, read the post,   Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem

Read about Alchemy and the Emerald Light in the post, Alchemy

The Galaxy on Fire
On the etheric planes, Fire does not destroy!  Fire burns away blockages and other negativity.  
   -  The releasing and healing sensation is comforting.
   -  Shaman and healers work with the healing and transformational  aspects of one, some or all of the 4 elements from Source or God.
      -  Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
      -  Great Shaman and healers also work with Elemental Ether.
   -  Christ called down The Fire of The Holy Spirit, and the disciples were blessed.

In Shamanic Journeywork the Shaman or healer meditates deeply within until she/he sees himself/herself in the mind's eye.  Then the Shaman watches to see how his question or quest will unfold.
   -  Once when I was working with Ramona Kirk, I came upon a dark universe.  There was nothing left of love or light.  I asked God, 'What are You going to do with this?"  
   -  Suddenly, the whole universe was on fire.
   -  The fire in the universe on fire is VERY different from Elemental Fire Healing Energy from Source.
   -  Luis Moura found an article about a whole galaxy on fire.  He asked me if the galaxy on fire was what I had called the universe on fire.  
   -  http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/starsgalaxies/spitzer-20060316.html

When I saw the photo above I realized that this is what I had been calling, the red dwarf star.

   -  When dark 'stuff' is removed from individuals or Earth, it helps if I name the right place for it to go.  
      -  When I name the correct destination, darkness and evil fly towards it.
   -  One of these places is something that I call 'the red dwarf star'.  
      -  Darkness goes into the middle.
The Love, Light and Power of the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearings continues to magnify each week.  
   -  Lately, we have witnessed extremely heavy darkness and entities calling themselves, sons of satan, pulled off of Earth and elsewhere.  
   -  God's Angels push such things into a special vortex, which leads to a one-way door into the universe on fire.